Kids voting

Kids voting gives young people aged 11 to 15 years (school years 7 to 10) the opportunity to experience an election first hand.

Students learn about Auckland Council, why voting is important and how voting works. At the end of the programme, they vote for real candidates on real issues. Then, they see how their results compare to the official election results.

Kids voting focuses on Levels 5 to 8 in the New Zealand Curriculum and closely aligns with the Social Sciences area. It is a practice vote as students will vote online for the 2016 elections.

Resources for schools

We provide schools who are interested to join with:

  • a registration pack
  • a 2016 Kids voting poster
  • five voting lessons
  • a teacher's guide to help in planning
  • a multimedia pack with videos and classroom activities.
  • voting credential to vote online
  • the results of the Kids voting programme compared with the actual election results.

Voting lessons

Students vote after going through these lessons:

  • Lesson One: An introduction to Auckland Council
  • Lesson Two: An introduction to elections and voting
  • Lesson Three: A real world online referendum case study
  • Lesson Four: Local boards, wards and local issues
  • Lesson Five: Researching candidates

Key dates



1 March 2016

Registrations open 

1 August 2016

Registrations close 

15 August - 16 September 2016

Voting lessons take place

19-23 September

Voting week

13 October 2016

Election results announced and compared with Kids voting results

Registered schools

After registrations closed on 1 August, we received a record number of registrations with over 11,500 students from over 55 schools around Auckland.

We are proud of this achievement and look forward to a successful programme this year.

Kids voting 2016 - List of registered schools (PDF 119KB)

Kids Voting 2016

Kids voting 2016 used electronic voting, for the second time running.

This year we had 56 schools and 12,730 students registered to take part in Kids voting in 2016.

 Kids voting 2016 results (PDF 253KB)

Kids voting 2013

Kids voting 2013 used electronic voting, a first for New Zealand schools.

Around 44 schools and 8319 students registered to take part in Kids voting in 2013. This is significantly higher than the 2010 local government elections.

Kids voting 2013 results (PDF 80KB) 


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