Community funding and support

Housing for older people

Auckland Council owns 1412 units across Auckland. The purpose of these units is to provide housing to older people who have a housing need.

    Eligibility criteria

    To be eligible for housing, you must:

    • be fully eligible for New Zealand National Superannuation, including the same qualifying age (currently 65 for a single person)
    • earn no more than the New Zealand National Superannuation amount from your main source of income
    • own $40,000 or less worth of assets ($60,000 or less for couples). This includes cash and non-cash assets, as defined by New Zealand Work and Income for their Accommodation Supplement
    • be able to live independently in an intensive housing environment. You need to be able to engage with and manage any support services you need, and contribute constructively to harmonious community life
    • have a self-identified housing need at the time of application. This will ensure the assessment reflects a current housing need, not an assumed future need
    • currently live in Auckland, or have lived here for at least one year in the last five years.


    The cost to rent a unit is 30 per cent of the tenant's gross income (pre-tax income).

    This is in line with the housing affordability threshold set in the Auckland Plan.

    Bonds are generally four week's rent.

    Work and Income accommodation supplement

    Work and Income offers an accommodation supplement. This is a weekly payment which helps people with their rent, board or the cost of owning a home.

    Visit the Work and Income website to see if you are eligible.

    Types of unit

    Villages are generally grouped in blocks of three or four units. Villages range in size from four to 68 units.

    We have three types of units:

    • Studio units for one tenant: These self-contained units have a kitchen, bathroom and combined bedroom and living area
    • One bedroom units for one tenant: These self-contained units have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.
    • One bedroom units for couples: These are larger in area than the one bedroom units for one tenant.

    The majority of the units are not furnished. Tenants need to provide their own curtains.

    Location of villages

    How to apply

    You must first meet all the eligibility criteria.

    If you meet the criteria you can complete an application form.

    Application form

    You can complete the form online or download it to print out.

    Housing for older people application form (PDF  579KB)

    Attach the following:

    • Proof of age e.g. birth certificate, drivers licence or passport
    • Proof of weekly income details.

    Return to us:

    We will use the information  you provide to assess your housing need. You may then be invited to an interview to discuss your application further.

    Housing is offered on a needs basis, and is not first in first served.

    If you need urgent help with housing contact the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) through Work and Income New Zealand office on 0800 559 009 or Senior Services on 0800 552 002.

    More information about living in one of our villages

    Car parking

    Most villages have limited parking available close to the units. Some have waiting lists for car parks. We will discuss your needs before you are allocated a unit.

    Laundry facilities

    If laundry facilities are not available in the unit, we provide communal facilities. We cover the cost of electricity and maintenance of machines.


    We maintain the buildings and grounds of the village. Tenants are responsible for the small garden area outside their unit.


    Dogs are not permitted in our villages. Cats and small birds are allowed.

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