OurAuckland event promotion

OurAuckland promotes events from across the Auckland region that are delivered, sponsored, funded, facilitated or supported by Auckland Council, as well as some charity events and free community events when appropriate.

If your event fits the criteria above, you can submit it to the OurAuckland team by following these instructions:

  • Download the OurAuckland events submission form (PDF 347kb).
  • Save the form to your computer.
  • Fill in the form with your event details (it's a digital PDF that you type into). Make sure you follow the formatting instructions in the form.
  • Save the form again once you've completed it. Please save and submit the form with the same name as your event - eg "Island Festival.pdf".
  • Email the completed form.
  • Attach an image (minimum 442 pixels wide for online and high-resolution for print) with your email. Any images you send should be named the same as your event name - eg "Island Festival.jpg" (any additional images should be named "Island Festival_1.jpg", "Island Festival_2.jpg" and so on). 

Once your event has been uploaded to our website as an online event listing, it can be considered for inclusion in the OurAuckland monthly mini-magazine (see the magazine submission deadlines below) and weekly events e-newsletter (sign up here).

Priority is given to Auckland Council events. The inclusion of your event is at our discretion.

Please email if you have any questions or need assistance with the events submission form.  

Event submission deadlines for OurAuckland magazine 

magazine edition

Deadline to submit events to be considered for the magazine  

Magazine delivery

Apr 2015

Fri 27 Feb, noon

28-29 Mar 2015

May 2015

Wed 25 Mar, noon

25-26 Apr 2015

Jun 2015 

Fri 1 May, noon

30-31 May 2015

Jul 2015 

Fri 29 May, noon

27-28 Jun 2015

Aug 2015

Mon 29 Jun, noon

25-26 Jul 2015

Sep 2015 

Fri 31 Jul, noon

29-30 Aug 2015

Oct 2015

Fri 28 Aug, noon

26-27 Sep 2015

Nov 2015

Mon 28 Sep, noon

27-29 Oct 2015

Dec 2015 / Jan 2016

Fri 30 Oct, noon

28-29 Nov 2015

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