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Auckland Conversations 

Auckland Conversations 

Auckland Conversations is a free speaker event that presents both national and international keynote speakers. All speakers are leaders in their areas of expertise and can inspire, influence and inform both the public and council officers.

Each speaker will present on topics that relate to the vision and issues facing Auckland to become the world’s most liveable city, and endorse the planning, economic, environmental and policy strategies as set out in the Auckland Plan, City Centre Master Plan and Economic Development Strategy.

This programme is an initiative of the Chief Planning Office, Auckland Council. 

Event topic scope:

  • Design - urban design, architecture, place making and city/town/waterfront planning.
  • Economic development drivers and influencers - innovation, transport, tourism, socio-economic issues.
  • Heritage - natural, cultural and built heritage.
  • Environment - eco-city sustainability initiatives and issues.

Living in a Warmer World

Dr Jim Salinger, Climate Scientist at The University of Auckland - In association with The University of Auckland  

Thursday 4 December, doors open 5pm for a 5.30pm start

AUT - Sir Paul Reeves Building, Conference Room WG403, Wellesley Street
Auckland central

Dr Jim Salinger is an expert on climate change and has examined the future impacts of climate and climate change on the Auckland region. The climate of the Auckland region is expected to warm between 1°C to 4°C, with a sea level rise in the range of 30cm to 100 cm by 2100.

In a warmer world, extremes are very likely to increase with amplified high-intensity rainfalls and agricultural droughts becoming more frequent. These climate trends will produce significant impacts on property, coasts, regional infrastructure, agriculture and local fisheries of Auckland. Particularly alarming is ocean acidification with its effects on coastal fisheries. As well, a warmer world will lead to more insect pests and diseases. 

This presentation will examine what Auckland will be like in a warmer world. Dr Jim Salinger will also discuss the important steps that must be taken by Auckland inhabitants and the council so the region can be prepared for, and adapt to the climate as it evolves during the decades of the 21st century. 

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