Building consent


We produce a variety of publications to help people and businesses submit building consent applications.

Application packs and checklists

We have developed these application packs for you to use when preparing your application. The checklists will ensure that you provide us with the correct information when you lodge your application.

Simply identify the description that best describes your project on the table below and download the correct application form and checklist for your needs.

If you're uncertain, you can contact us for personal assistance.

Guidance documents

Our guidance documents provide information and answer questions about specific projects and topics, such as relocating a building, recladding, and eco design. They also provide links to useful documents and websites.

Practice notes

Practice notes provide guidance in day-to-day decisions when carrying out building work. Consent processing staff check all consent applications against these notes before a consent is issued.

These should be referred to in conjunction with the:


These written guidelines ensure consistent decision-making from Auckland Council staff.

Fire protection policy (PDF 332KB)

Producer statement policy (PDF 121KB)

Earthquake-prone, dangerous and insanitary buildings policy (PDF 892KB)

See also:

Codes of practice

The AC1239: Building inspections code of practice is under review and temporarily unavailable.

Producer statements

Our producer statement information has moved - see producer statements.

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