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Auckland Council


Auckland Council by-elections 2018

Due to existing vacancies, by-elections will be held in the following areas:

Election day will be Thursday 24 May 2018. 


By-election nominations are now closed.

You can find out who the candidates are by selecting the by-election area you are interested in from the list above.

Voting system

The by-elections will use a postal voting system. 

Voting period

Voting papers will be delivered from 2 May 2018.

For your vote to count, we must receive your voting papers by 24 May 2018 at 12pm (noon). Votes can be posted or placed in a ballot box at one of the following locations during opening hours:


​Electoral Office​Level 2, 198 Federal Street
​Glen Innes Community Library​108 Line Road
​Onehunga Community Library​85 Church Street
​Panmure Library​7-13 Pilkington Road
​Glen Eden Library​12-32 Glendale Road
​Titirangi Library​500 South Titirangi Road
​Rānui Library​431 Swanson Road
​Manukau Service Centre​Kotuku House, 4 Osterley Way
​Bledisloe Lane Service Centre​Ground Floor, Bledisloe House, 24 Wellesley Street
​Henderson Service Centre​6 Henderson Valley Road

 The final day to post your vote is Friday 18 May.


Enrol to vote

If you are correctly enrolled on the New Zealand electoral roll and live within the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board (Tāmaki subdivision) or Waitākere Ranges Local Board area, you will be eligible to vote.

Visit to enrol or check your details are accurate.

To see if you live within one of the areas above, use either the local board search or check the map for either the Waitākere Ranges or Maungakiekie-Tāmaki local boards.

If you enrolled before 28 March, you will automatically be mailed a voting pack on or near 2 May 2018.

Special votes

If you live within Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board (Tāmaki subdivision) or Waitākere Ranges Local Board area and don’t receive a voting pack in the mail by Wednesday 9 May, you will need to cast a special vote.

To make one, ensure you are enrolled to vote and your details are correct.

To enrol to vote after Wednesday 28 March, go to either:

  • a PostShop
  • visit
  • contact the Electoral Commission on 0800 36 76 56.

The last day you can enrol for either of these two by-elections is Wednesday 23 May  2018.

Once enrolled, and your details are correct, you need to pick up a special voting pack. Call the Electoral Office on 09 973-5212 or 0800 922 822 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 12 noon Saturday . 

By-election 2018 signs

The Auckland Transport Election Signs Bylaw 2013 was recently amended.

The full bylaw and a list of approved public election sign sites is available on the Auckland Transport (AT) website.

There are three types of site for election signs:

  • Private land: Signs on private land are subject to the permission given by the occupant of the site.
  • Approved sites on public land associated with roads (road reserves): These sites are controlled by Auckland Transport. Signs on approved road reserve sites may be erected at any time.
  • Approved sites on public land used as local parks: These sites are controlled by Auckland Council local boards.

All election signs must be removed before midnight on 23 May 2018.

Election sign locations

Approved sites on certain parks can be used for election signs during the nine weeks prior to election day (commencing 22 March 2018).

Each of these sites below can be located on the appropriate map using the location tag in brackets (for example, C-MT9):

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki (view map): Almond Place/Panorama Road junction (C-MT1), Beachcroft Avenue/ Norman Hills Road junction (C-MT3), Captain Springs Road (C-MT4), Line Road/ Farringdon Street junction (C-MT8), Neilson Street (C-MT10), Onehunga Mall (C-MT11), Station Road / Rockfield Road / Mount Smart Road junction (C-MT12), Tripoli Road (C-MT13), and West Tāmaki Road (C-MT14).

Waitākere Ranges (view map): Glendale Road (2 of 3) (W-WR4), Parrs Cross Road / West Coast Road junction (W-WR9), Swanson Road (1 of 3) (W-WR12), Swanson Road (2 of 3), West Coast Road (1 of 3) (W-WR19), Withers Road (W-WR22).

The following Ōrākei Local Board park sites can be used for the more limited period of four weeks prior to election day (commencing 26 April).

Ōrākei (view map): Abbotts Way / Koraha Street junction (C-O1), Kepa Road (C-O4), Riddell Road (C-O8),  Shore Road (1 of 2) (C-O9), Shore Road (2 of 2) (C-O10), and Upland Road / Ōrākei Road (C-O11)      

When we hold by-elections

A by-election is held to fill an elected position that has become vacant.

For example, if a Governing Body or a local board member resigns, before their term ends, a by-election is held to replace that member.

A local body by-election must be held if a vacancy occurs more than 12 months before the next three-yearly local election.

If a Governing Body or local board member resigns, we have to carry out a by-election within the relevant ward or local board area, if the resignation happens more than 12 months before the 2019 local body elections.