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Auckland Council


Auckland Council by-elections 2018

Due to existing vacancies, two by-elections were recently held. The two successful candidates were:


Waitākere Ranges Local Board: Ken Turner (WestWards) - 3883 votes

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board: Maria Meredith (Labour) - 2566 votes


The final by-election returns voting data is also available below.

Voting system

By-elections use a postal voting system.  

Enrol to vote

Visit to enrol or check your details are accurate.

By-election signs

The Auckland Transport Election Signs Bylaw 2013 was recently amended.

The full bylaw and a list of approved public election sign sites is available on the Auckland Transport (AT) website.

There are three types of site for election signs:

  • Private land: Signs on private land are subject to the permission given by the occupant of the site.
  • Approved sites on public land associated with roads (road reserves): These sites are controlled by Auckland Transport. Signs on approved road reserve sites may be erected at any time.
  • Approved sites on public land used as local parks: These sites are controlled by Auckland Council local boards.

When we hold by-elections

A by-election is held to fill an elected position that has become vacant.

For example, if a Governing Body or a local board member resigns, before their term ends, a by-election is held to replace that member.

A local body by-election must be held if a vacancy occurs more than 12 months before the next three-yearly local election.

If a Governing Body or local board member resigns, we have to carry out a by-election within the relevant ward or local board area, if the resignation happens more than 12 months before the 2019 local body elections.