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Auckland Council

Youth Voting

Ngā Pōti ā-Taiohi

​About the Youth Voting programme

Youth voting gives young people aged 11-15 years (school years 7-10) the opportunity to experience an election first hand.

Students learn about Auckland Council, why voting is important and how voting works.

At the end of the programme, they vote for real candidates on real issues. They then see how their results compare to the official election results.

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Overview of the lessons

Lesson 1 - Local government and Auckland Council

This is an overview of what Auckland Council is, how it operates, and what value it brings to Aucklanders.

Case study - Safeswim (water quality)

​Lesson 2 - Co-governance and our relationship with Māori

A brief history of Tāmaki Makaurau and its settlements, and how co-governance works.

Case study - Māori wards

​Lesson 3 - Referendum: Public transport

What is a referendum? How do you take part in a referendum?

Case study - Auckland Transport and safety around schools

Lesson 4 - How to have your say: submissions, protests and lobbying

How to have your say about topics that matter to you and what is the best way to engage with the council. 

Case study - Climate change

​Lesson 5 - Voting and civic participation

Why does voting matter? Should it be compulsory in New Zealand?

What barriers exist that prevent people from participating in elections? Do you think your own voice is heard and valued? 

Activity - Voting conversations with your whānau

​Lesson 6 - Elections and representation

Who are the candidates for mayor, councillors and local board members in the 2019 elections?

What makes a successful candidate?

Research the candidates for your area. Think about what issues are important to you and who is raising them. 

Activity - Online voting

​Lesson 7 - Election results

How did your results reflect the election results?

Why did people succeed, and what are your thoughts on voter participation?

Activity - Review voting results