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How to vote in the by-election

​Research the candidates

Before you vote, spend some time researching the candidates.

For information on the candidates, or to attend an event where you can meet them, see Who you can vote for.

Enrol to vote

Enrolments for all elections are managed by the Electoral Commission.

If you have voted in a previous local or parliamentary election, you should still be enrolled.

If you have moved recently, you may need to update your details.

To find out if you are enrolled or to find out how to enrol, see the Electoral Commission website.

How to fill in the voting form

The voting paper will include all candidate names.

You will need to select your preferred candidate by ticking the box next to their name.

The candidate who gets the most votes wins.

Postal voting

If you were enrolled to vote before Tuesday 22 December 2020, you will receive your voting paper via post by Friday 29 January 2021.

Once you have filled in your voting paper, put it in the pre-paid envelope provided and post it back.

You can also drop your voting paper in a ballot box (see locations below).

When to post your vote

You need to post your voting paper by Friday 12 February 2021 to make sure it reaches us on time.

If you miss this date, you can still vote by putting your envelope into one of our ballot boxes before 12 noon on Wednesday 17 February 2021.

Where to drop off your voting papers

You can drop off your voting papers until 12 noon on Wednesday 17 February 2021 at:

You can also enrol, complete your ballot paper, and put your vote in the ballot box at a one-stop shop.

One-stop shop locations and dates

​Event ​Location ​Date
​Māngere Bridge Market ​Coronation Road, Mangere Bridge ​31 January 2021, 7 February and 14 February 2021
​Māngere Town Centre Market ​34 Māngere Town Square ​30 January 2021, 6 February and 13 February 2021

Special voting

You will need to cast a special vote if:

  • you have not enrolled to vote before the opening of the voting period but you qualify as an elector
  • you have not received your voting papers
  • your voting papers are damaged or spoiled.

How to cast a special vote

You will need to sign a special voting declaration, which needs to be witnessed.

Anyone aged 18 or above can act as a witness, including an election official.

You can special vote at a one-stop shop (see locations above) or at one of our libraries:

Our tip

You do not need to present your ID to cast a special vote.

​How to vote if you are away during the voting period

If you are going to be away during the voting period, you will need to provide the electoral officer with an address where the voting paper can be sent to you from Tuesday 26 January 2021.

This could be:

  • a hotel
  • the house of a friend or family member.

You can then fill in the paper and post it back using the provided envelope. You will need to add postage.

Voting papers cannot be sent or received electronically.

We recommend posting your voting paper as soon as possible to ensure it is with the electoral officer before 12 noon on Wednesday 17 February 2021.

If you are arriving back into the country just prior to or over the voting period and are required to complete the two week’s managed isolation, please notify the electoral officer so a voting paper can be sent to you.

How to contact the electoral officer

09 973 5212

Assisted voting

You can arrange for a trained election official to come and help you fill in your voting paper if you are blind or vision-impaired, or would otherwise find it difficult to complete.

You can make an appointment to cast your assisted vote by calling the electoral officer on 0800 922 822.

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