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Emergency Committee

A temporary Emergency Committee has been established to ensure essential and urgent decisions can be made during the COVID-19 period. This committee is made up of the whole Governing Body to assume the functions and power of all committees except for the Audit and Risk Committee. That includes the responsibilities of the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Committee.

Temporary emergency meetings will be held weekly and the new committee will remain in existence until it is deemed unnecessary by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on the recommendation of the Chief Executive.

The terms of reference for this temporary Emergency Committee will include allowing all members to participate by audio or audio-visual link, with a quorum of two, chaired by the Mayor, with the Deputy Mayor as the committee deputy.

The Emergency Committee was in operation weekly from 2 April until 28 May 2020.


Mayor Phil Goff

Deputy Chair

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore


All councillors, chair of the Independent Maori Statutory Board and one other member of the board.


See Emergency Committee meetings.


Auckland Town Hall or Level 27 / 135 Albert Street.

For streaming services, see the Council live website.