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Public transport and roads goals

Ngā Kaupapa kawe pāhihi tūmatanui me ngā arohanga ā-rori

About these metrics

​Auckland is a successful city, a place where more and more people want to live and visit.

We need to accommodate up to one million people within the next 30 years and that means we need a resilient, integrated, sustainable transport system.

We are also under pressure to improve traffic congestion. Excessive congestion at peak times is costing $1.5 billion each year.

To reconstruct the transport system for Aucklanders and visitors, Auckland Transport must continue accelerating the pace at which we deliver key infrastructure projects. Accelerated investment in Auckland's transport is a debt owed to future generations.

You can read more about what Auckland Transport does and the five strategic themes guiding its decision-making in their Statement of Intent. This document sets out Auckland Transport's priorities for the next three years and how they contribute to the longer-term outcomes we seek to achieve.

Note: All transport goals have a 2.5 per cent tolerance.