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Property and housing goals

Ngā Arohanga rawa whenua me te whai whare

About these metrics

The supply and affordability of housing has become a major concern for Aucklanders. With a projected population growth of up to one million people over 30 years, housing has been identified as a critical issue in the Auckland Plan.

The Auckland Plan is the council's long-term vision for the region's growth and development. Both it and the Unitary Plan play important roles in shaping how future housing needs will be met.

With Auckland growing by over 800 people a week, the demand for housing is constant. The council is supporting this growth through arrange of services and initiatives to help the industry, including improved building and resource consent processes, more land supply, Special Housing Areas, and the Unitary Plan - with its single set of planning rules.

Our Building Consents team works with the industry to improve the system of design and construction. It recognises that there are large numbers of new entrants in the industry who in many cases are not getting the level of supervision they require.