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​Culture, heritage and environment goals​

Tikanga ā-iwi, taonga tuku iho me te taiao

About these metrics

​We have a number of roles to play in building robust communities, and this includes encouraging the arts and protecting our cultural and environmental heritage.

Research shows Aucklanders believe arts and culture is fundamental to a healthy society and a good quality of life. We achieve this by connecting our diverse communities and encouraging people to express their creativity.

Our natural environment also needs to be protected. Auckland supports our rich indigenous ecosystems, plants and animals, many of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Our unique environment is recognised and valued by Aucklanders as an important part of our region's "liveability".

A key part of this is our Healthy Waters department, which is moving away from the more traditional approach of disposing of water runoff quickly, using pipes and other infrastructure. Healthy Waters recognises the value of rainwater and its close relationship with natural freshwater and coastal systems.

In this way Auckland can become a water sensitive community.