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Auckland Council

Clean waterways (updated monthly)

Te Noho mā o ngā ara putanga wai

no longer measured.
Jun 2018
Will be updated next quarter.

About this goal

Auckland Council is constantly working to ensure our waterways remain healthy, clean and safe.

One of the ways we track our progress is to monitor how many of the region's contaminated catchment areas have plans in place to improve water quality.

This goal looks at what percentage of streams on council-owned land have streamside planting.

Importance of this goal

While rainwater is relatively clean, it begins to accumulate contaminants such as sediment and litter as it travels over land.

The types and amounts of contaminants vary depending on land use, the activities that take place in the area, and the amount of impervious surfaces (such as concrete driveways and roofs) that are in the area being drained.

If unmanaged, contaminants picked up in rainfall runoff can accumulate in our streams and coastal environments.

If too many contaminants reach our natural environments they can harm our ecosystems and natural habitats. They can also affect cultural and recreational activities.

How are we achieving this goal

Healthy Waters isn't just a new name for the Stormwater department, it also reflects a greater focus on improving Auckland's waterways and their connection to communities.

Protecting our waterways is vital to our identity and that means improving infrastructure as well as keeping our streams, coastline and harbours healthy and full of life.

This includes capturing and removing contaminants through water quality treatment devices in:

  • roadside catchpits
  • gross pollutant traps
  • water quality treatment ponds and wetlands.

A programme that integrates water sensitive urban design into our infrastructure has also been launched.

Omega Street pond upgrade

The Omega Street pond (below) is a small stormwater pond that incorporates wetland vegetation as part of the water quality treatment process. It incorporates a public walkway and cycleway across the pond.

It is an excellent example of a contaminated water catchment area being identified and managed before contaminants have the chance to accumulate in our streams and coastal environments.

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