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Fast-track consent process for water discharges within 100m of a natural wetland

If your proposed development will involve a discharge of water within 100m of a natural wetland, you may be eligible for a fast-track consent application process, which in most cases, will not require specialist advice.

​Projects eligible for fast-track consent

This fast-track consent application process is for discharges of:

  • sediment-laden water from erosion and sediment controls around earthworks
  • stormwater
  • wastewater.

The discharge must be:

  • within 100m of a natural wetland, including any wetland within the coastal marine area (PDF 156KB)
  • related to construction of a residential dwelling, minor dwelling or accessory building
  • on an existing lot
  • in all other respects a permitted activity in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Fast-track consent benefits

In most cases we will be able to process your application without requiring specialist advice, if you can demonstrate the water discharge won't reach or affect the natural wetland based on:

  • the distance to the natural wetland
  • the slope of the site (or an adjoining site)
  • topographical features.

This simplifies the processing of the consent, reducing time and cost.

You should know

These fast-track consents are a council initiative, and are not related to the Environmental Protection Authority's fast-track consenting process.

​Assess your site

To assess whether your site is eligible, view the fast-track consent parameters.

​Submit your application

Complete the application form and the fast-track self-certification checklist:

​​Email these forms and any supporting documents to the Regulatory Support team closest to you:

They will send you an invoice for the relevant deposit. You will need to pay this before a planner starts assessing your application.

Relevant legislation

Fast-track consents relate to rules for discharge activity under regulation 54(c) of the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater (NES-F) 2020.

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