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Auckland Council explained

Political decision-making at Auckland Council is shared between the mayor and 20 councillors (our Governing Body) and the 21 local boards.

​Our model of local government

Our model of local government helps meet both regional and local needs, and gives Auckland the resources it needs to grow and develop.

We have two complementary decision-making parts:

Each part is autonomous and makes decisions within their areas of responsibility.

Although they make different types of decisions, there is an active working relationship between the Governing Body and the local boards.

Infographic that shows the relationship between Auckland Council and the different elected and non-elected entities.

Elected members

The mayor

The mayor is elected by all Auckland voters and leads the Governing Body.

Governing Body

The Governing Body focuses on the big picture and on region-wide strategic decisions.

The Governing Body consists of the mayor and 20 ward councillors, elected by voters from the 13 Auckland wards.


The Governing Body establishes committees to enable effective decision-making.

Local boards

Local boards represent the communities in their area and make decisions on local issues, activities, and facilities.

Each of the 21 local boards has between five and nine members, elected by voters from the area they represent.

Each local board also elects a chairperson and a deputy chairperson.

Watch a video about why we have a council


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Watch this video in New Zealand Sign Language


Watch a video about how Auckland Council works


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