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Auckland Council Local elections 2019

Candidate information

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Labour Party

Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) candidate

Disclaimer: This information has been written by the candidate.

Candidate profile statement

My principal place of residence is in the Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) area.

Mark has lived in East Auckland for fourteen years with his wife and two children. He is a former high school teacher and currently works in publishing. Mark wishes to bring his experience and vision to the Local Board, so the community can grow into the best version of the richly diverse, vibrant community and commercial environment that it can be. Mark has the drive and vision for the Howick Local Board to prosper and flourish as Auckland moves into a promising and challenging new era. He will seek practical and community-orientated solutions to the Botany Sub-division's transport difficulties, as well as the lack of clear community spaces and the best use of the ratepayer funding. If you want the best for our community, vote Labour for Botany.

Why are you standing for this position?

Botany Sub-division is frequently forgotten and neglected by the Howick Local Board. Auckland is changing faster than ever, and we must rise to meet the challenges of this change. I'm proud to represent the New Zealand Labour Party in this local government election.

What do you love most about the area you are seeking to represent?

It's my home. It's where my children go to school and it's the area I've lived and worked in for 14 years. It truly represents the best that Auckland has to offer by way of diversity and economic opportunity. And its best days are yet to come.

What will your priorities be if you're elected?

Working on providing access to public transport for locals. Just because AMETI is coming doesn't mean the people will be able to access it. We have to begin readying ourselves to access the Botany hub before it arrives, to take the pressure off the local roads.

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