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Photograph of Anne DEGIA-PALA.


Whau Local Board candidate

C&R - Communities and Residents

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Photograph of Anne DEGIA-PALA.

Candidate profile statement

My principal place of residence is in the Whau Local Board area.

A local for 34 years, I live and work here with my family.

As a practical local community leader, I am instrumental in leading engagement events alongside Auckland Council.

I am a founding member of the Ethnic Peoples Panel and serve on the Drowning Prevention Auckland Board, National Funding Agency and chair the Whau Ethnic Collective. I was awarded a Queens Service Medal for working with women and children.

Locals will be at the heart of my decision-making to ensure safer communities and crime prevention bring a strong sense of security. With your C&R team, I will put people before politics and ensure our neighbourhood amenities are of the same quality as other parts of Auckland. The Whau should not be left behind.

My community engagement abilities, together with my commercial acumen will be an asset to your Whau Local Board.

Please vote for all your C&R candidates.

About me

Greetings. I am Anne Degia-Pala and I am looking for your support to get me elected to the Whau Local Board. I am mum to Nikki, Nani to Alexander and Ayla and married to Kishor Pala. I am a local and love the Whau Ward with convenience of amenities and access to so many services.

Born in Suva, Fiji with heritage from Gujarat, India. I have lived and socialised in the Whau Ward for 34 years. I have a business in Kelston. I have fostered mutual respect for all with a level of cordiality that transcends human barriers and in so doing I have been successful in communicating with all levels and diversities. I enjoy the multi-cultural Whau where there is so much to learn from everyone. I believe people contribute valuable perspectives in a socially cohesive society. One of the reasons for running for Whau is to bring new perspective and represent the diversity of Whau when elected.

We all know and recognise the impact Covid-19 has had on our community and ongoing economic challenges will continue, including rising inflation and interest rates, supply chain difficulties and shortages in the labor market. I look to contribute with utmost urgency to issues that affect our area, such as safety and security to reduce harm to our communities and residents, well-planned transport networks for emissions reductions and great quality local roads and infrastructure for growth envisaged in Whau.

As a practical local community leader, I am instrumental in leading engagement events alongside Auckland Council and various community groups and stakeholders. In Whau we wish to live in a safe and inclusive society. We want to come together on issues that matter to us and our everyday livelihoods. We are all different but we want to get along, treat and respect everyone.

Locals will be at the heart of my decision-making. I will put people first, to balance operations and finances thus maximizing local ratepayer services working within the budget constraints.

Why I want to be elected

I am a local and I am committed to local. I am vested in Whau. I seek the best for Whau. I will bring fresh perspective to the conversation and decisions made. Whau needs representatives who look like the people we serve and people who live and work here. I will listen to all.

All communities and residents who live, work and socialise in the area need to be served. These are ratepayers, taxpayers, schools, businesses, communities and residents. People need income security to grow their families and contribute to society.

Whau has a fairly large population of diverse communities, including Māori, Pasifika, new comers. Elect members who reflect the diversity of Whau. As a cultural leader, I want to be included in decision making and in consultation with cultural leaders of various ethnicities, identify similarities that will achieve better outcomes for all.

I have much to offer with my governance, commercial and community sector experiences.

I know the needs of small business, the charities that volunteer for the groups they represent and I know the effects that Covid-19 has left on the people of Whau. I am grounded and I understand that Whau needs the drive to inspire all groups, personalising the services to values and cultures. I have also held senior management positions at the University of Auckland, Sofrana Unilines and the Pacific Island Chamber of Commerce.

Business success for 25 years in my own business with cultural leadership experience, the ability to engage at all levels are excellent skills to bring to the local board.

In a rapidly growing new comer population, I will add the cultural capability to the local board, so that we can appreciate what matters most to people and how we will share and adapt to living in Whau.

Local government has grown beyond roads, rates and rubbish and revenue generated needs to be directed to benefit all.

I will seek best amenities for Whau. Whau should not be left behind.

What I love most about the area I want to represent

I have lived in a lovely neighborhood for over three decades. I have done business here for over two decades. My children went to primary and high schools here. I have engaged with various communities and organized many local events. Obviously its the love for people that draws people together. We are multi-cultural and share so many values and cultures. Whau has great environments including beaches and walkways and reserves. We are close to the Waitakere's. We are close to public amenities. train stations, bus stations and access to motorways North and South. I love the proximities of each town centre, malls and supermarkets. We are blessed with parks and open sports fields. I would love for us to have a leisure centre with a pool, gym ,spa and sauna, a conference centre, indoor sports arena, dance studio and a place for the kids to just be kids. We can do this if we are all united for such an investment and undertaking.

Whau population is projected to increase to 105,000 by 2033.

What I think about key issues for Auckland

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What I will prioritise if I am elected

Safe Whau is my top priority. I will ensure to listen to communities of Whau and work closely with authorities to seek best services that councils offer as a public servant. Your vote is crucial for me. I am a practical individual and identify with the community I live in.

• ensure personal safety and injury prevention in homes, streets, trains and bus stations, parks, roads and businesses

• ensure well-planned affordable and convenient transport networks, frequent public transport and

• Good quality local roads with improvements to storm water discharges is extremely urgent due to climate change and intensification happening in and around Whau

• Tree cover through good planning and planting

• Supporting local arts, culture, sports and recreation

• Be a champion for Whau youth through conversations and opportunity with business, community groups and education institutions.

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