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Auckland Council Local elections 2019

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C&R - Communities and Residents

Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) candidate

Disclaimer: This information has been written by the candidate.

Candidate profile statement

My principal place of residence is in the Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) area.

Bob Wichman has served as a Howick Local Board member for many years and offers a wealth of experience in governance and local body politics. His public sector background includes being a Manukau City Councillor for 17 years, as well as being Economic Development and Corporate Government Committee Chairman.

Bob will continue to be a strong voice for the residents of Botany, and will foster stronger communities, celebrate diversity, and ensure smart spending of ratepayer money.

Bob has lived and worked in Botany, alongside his wife Dianne, for the past 15 years. He is committed to shaping Botany into an accessible, safe and sustainable community. His 22 years' experience means that Bob knows how to ensure that residents get excellent value for the rates they pay to Auckland Council. He is committed to ensuring strong economic management, alongside effective community growth.

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Why are you standing for this position?

I am standing again for the position of Local Board Member on the Botany subdivision of Howick, because being a Botany resident myself, I feel it is important to continue to enhance the area where I live and work, while making improvements to benefit the whole of Auckland City. My business experience has made me aware of the requirements of others, and spending 23 years as a Councillor at Manukau City, and as a Local Board member for Botany, I have been able to use this knowledge to the advantage of my community.

I have been able to take part in the development of Sir Barry Curtis Park, which is unique, and exists due to the forward thinking of the previous Manukau City Council, a process of which I was proud to be involved.

The linking of Botany and Manukau by way of Te Irirangi Drive is another important

improvement which I am pleased to have been part of whilst a member of the Manukau City Council

During the last 6 years as a member of the Howick Local Board I have been able to take part in the forward decision making of the future development of the Ormiston


What do you love most about the area you are seeking to represent?

What I love about Botany is the vibrant nature of the area which can be attributed to the many ethnic groups who have chosen to live in Botany and Howick.

These groups are evident in the many business establishment’s including the choice of restaurants that have opened in the area, giving us a taste of Europe, Asia and Polynesia, much to the delight of their patrons, including myself and family.

We are also close to many of Auckland’s beaches and sports fields, which provide many choices for relaxation and active participation to help improve our health

and personal wellbeing.

Our Botany Town Centre is unique, as it is a combination of open plan and an enclosed shopping precinct, and is the envy of most shopping areas in NZ.

What will your priorities be if you're elected?

My priorities when re-elected are to continue improving the value residents get from the rates they pay to the Council.

I am tough on spending and continuously demand an explanation for many of the charges I believe are excessive when presented to the Local Board

It is important to me to continuously advocate for an improved Fire and Ambulance service for the residents of Botany, as I believe the existing service is not adequate,

Due to the time taken to respond is right on the borderline of what is considered a

safe response time for emergency response services.

I will continue fighting for improved local transport solutions to try and improve the network in Botany and greater Auckland.

One of my continuous projects is to keep pressure on Auckland Transport to improve the condition of our road and footpath network, something which I believe is seriously neglected. There are too many broken and unsafe footpaths requiring repair.

The policing safety of our community is also paramount for me, as without this we are unable to be confident that our families and homes are protected from criminal activity.

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