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Auckland Council Local elections 2019

Candidate information

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Masooma MEHDI

Masooma MEHDI

Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) candidate

Disclaimer: This information has been written by the candidate.

Candidate profile statement

My principal place of residence is in the Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision) area.

I'm a positive, vibrant person who has worked on community engagement and youth empowerment for last 15 years. I'm a family oriented person and a business owner with great passion to serve and to bring positive difference to the country I call home for last 25 years. My values include integrity, compassion, respect and inclusivity.

I want to be a strong voice not only for the Muslim community but for all ethnic communities and whanaus.

I believe, we have shown to the entire world that New Zealand has the heart, the intelligence and the resilience to come together as one nation during difficult times. Moving forward, we need to continue to embrace our diversity and connect with people of different faiths and cultures to bring peace and harmony to our unique and beautiful country.

Te aroha, Te whakapono, Me te rangimarie, Tatou e tatou e. Love, hope, peace for all.

Why are you standing for this position?

I am standing for the Howick Local Board because I have a great passion to serve people, and over the last 15 years, have worked hard on community engagement and youth empowerment, conducting all my work with integrity, compassion, respect, and inclusivity. I believe I can be a strong voice for our diverse community as I can understand the issues and the challenges faced by society, and am driven to make a positive difference to the country I have called home for 25 years. By entering the field of politics, I hope to inspire other women and immigrants to also step up to make a positive difference.

As a member of the Howick local board, I hope to bring Howick's diverse community together and engage them in making Howick even happier, healthier, and more vibrant than it already is.

What do you love most about the area you are seeking to represent?

I love Howick because it is one of the most beautiful parts of Auckland, with some of the best scenic reserves, beautiful beaches, and great people. Howick is a highly diverse community, and I believe that the fact that Howick is a place that embraces its diversity is what makes it so unique, and the best place in Auckland to live. With Howick growing at an increasingly fast pace, particularly the Ormiston area, new challenges will arise, and these challenges need to be tackled together using Howick's great strength of diversity so that we can make it remain the best place for our children, the place with the best opportunities for working people, and a place of peace, tranquillity, and beauty for all.

What will your priorities be if you're elected?

Facilitate Interfaith and Interethnic Harmony and Peaceful Co-existance

-Support our diverse community in organising and promoting cultural events and festivals.

-Engage religious communities in organising interfaith events to encourage interaction and development of understanding between Howick’s diverse religious communities.

Better Transportation for All

-Improve local road safety, especially around vulnerable areas like schools.

-Advocate for more active modes of transport by pushing for an East Auckland cycling network, and more shared paths.

-Push for the timely completion of AMETI, and expedite construction of the Airport to Botany rapid transit.

Lead the Fight against Climate Change

-Work towards raising awareness and educating the community about climate change, adaptation, and response procedures, to ensure better preparedness.

-Promote active modes of transport to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

-Start a tree planting and stream revegetation drive to fight against urban warming.

Protecting our Environment

-Innovate solutions to make Howick greener, and work towards implementation. Solutions could include green roofs, and bridge piers with vertical gardens.

-Start a drive to clean local reserves, streams, and waterways, and protect these areas from pests.

-Engage local businesses and construction companies to work towards better waste management and waste reduction practices.

Actively Involve the Community with Local Board activities

-Approach local community groups directly, especially groups that are traditionally less engaged with the local board (like youth and ethnic communities).

-Ensure the Howick community is aware of local board development and projects through newspaper updates and social media.

Fight Social Issues

-Raise awareness on mental health issues, and advocate for mental health services by engaging with local community centres and schools.

-Form a strategy to engage local businesses towards closing the gender pay gap.

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