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Auckland Council Local body elections

How postal voting works

​Why we use postal voting

At this point in time, we are unable to run our local elections online.

How to receive your voting papers in the post

If you are an enrolled voter, you'll get a voting information pack in the mail.

Voting papers will be sent to all eligible voters from Friday 16 September 2022 to Wednesday 21 September 2022.

To make sure your voting papers are sent to your current address, you need to have either enrolled or updated your address before Monday 12 September 2022. That is when the Electoral Officer certifies the final electoral roll.

Enrol to vote now

You should know

If you are registered on the unpublished electoral roll, you will need to call the Electoral Office on 0800 922 822 to receive your voting papers.

What to do if you don't receive your voting papers

If your voting pack does not arrive in the post – as you may have recently changed address or you are on the unpublished electoral roll – call the Electoral Office on 0800 922 822 and we will post you out a special vote.

Voters who live overseas

If you live overseas, you can still take part in local elections.

Ensure you are correctly enrolled with your overseas postal address to receive your voting papers.

You should know

You can't download voting papers for local elections.

Where to drop off your voting papers

There will be a number of locations throughout the city, including some libraries and service centres, where you will be able to drop off your voting papers.

We will publish further details closer to the time.

Important dates for voters

  • Final date for enrolling or updating your details

    12 September 2022

  • Voting papers are posted out to enrolled voters

    16 September - 21 September 2022

  • Last day to post your voting papers (ballot boxes will still be open)

    3 October 2022

  • Election Day (Voting closes at 12 noon)

    8 October 2022

  • Official election results announced

    14 October 2022

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