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Auckland Council Local elections 2019

How to vote in the local elections

Me pēhea te tuku pōti i roto i ngā pōti motuhake ā-rohe

The 2019 local elections will be conducted by postal vote.


Research the candidates

Before you vote, spend some time researching who you want to vote for.

You will find information about all the candidates in your area by entering your address on the Who you can vote for page.


Check if there are changes to your local board and ward

Some of the ward and local board boundaries will change in the next term, so you may be voting in a different ward or local board than in the last election.

This will affect you if you live in:

See what areas you will be voting in on the local board and ward finder.


How to fill in the voting form

You will be asked to cast a vote for:

  • the mayor
  • one or two councillors in your ward
  • 5-9 local board members in your local board area
  • district health board members.

Depending on where you live, you might also be asked to cast a vote for licensing trust board members.

How voting works

There are two ways you will cast your votes in the election, as there are two different electoral systems being used.

First Past the Post (FPP)

In FPP, voters select their preferred candidate by ticking the box, and the candidate who gets the most votes wins.

The mayor, councillors, local board members and licensing trust board members are all elected this way.

Single Transferable Voting (STV)

In STV, voters rank the candidates in order of preference by writing a number next to their name on the voting paper. You can rank all the candidates, or only some of them.

The district health board members are elected this way.

To understand how the votes are counted in STV, see the Department of Internal Affairs website.


Postal voting

If you were enrolled to vote before Friday 16 August 2019, you will receive a voting paper in the mail by Wednesday 25 September 2019. If your voting papers have not arrived, please call the Electoral Officer on 0800 922 822, or visit a one-stop shop (PDF, 511 KB) to cast a special vote.

Once you have filled in your voting paper, put it in the pre-paid envelope provided and post it back.

See Where to drop off your voting paper to find places to vote closest to you.

When to post the vote

You will need to post your voting paper by Tuesday 8 October 2019 to make sure it reaches us on time.

If you miss the date, you can still drop them in a ballot box before midday on Saturday 12 October 2019 at any Auckland Council library or service centre during opening hours.


Enrol to vote

In New Zealand, enrolment for all elections is managed by the Electoral Commission.

If you voted in previous local or parliamentary elections, you should still be enrolled. If you have moved recently, you may need to update your details.

To find out if you are enrolled, or to find out how to enrol, visit the Electoral Commission website.


Special voting

You will need to cast a special vote if:

  • you have not enrolled to vote by 16 August 2019 but you qualify as an elector
  • you do not receive your voting papers
  • your voting papers are damaged or spoiled.

See the Where to cast a special vote page for more information.


Overseas and absentee voting

If you will be away during the voting period, you will need to provide the electoral officer with an address where the voting paper can be sent to you between 20-25 September 2019.

This could be:

  • a hotel
  • the house of a friend or family member.

You will then fill in the paper as usual and post it back using the provided envelope. You will need to add postage. Voting papers cannot be received electronically.

We recommend posting your voting paper as soon as possible to ensure it is with the electoral officer before midday on Saturday 12 October 2019.

Contact the electoral officer

09 973 5212


Assisted voting

You can arrange for a trained election official to come and help you fill in your voting paper if you are blind or vision-impaired, or would otherwise find it difficult to complete the voting paper.

You can make an appointment to cast your assisted vote by calling the electoral officer on 0800 922 822.

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