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Auckland Council Local elections 2019

How to run 'meet the candidates' events

Pēhea ai e whakahaere i ngā hui ‘Tūtakina ngā kaitono'

The main purpose of organising an event is to give voters the chance to meet and hear from candidates.

​Why run a 'meet the candidates' event

Easy access to information about candidates is key to a fair and transparent elections process.

When people can get to know candidates and understand their view of the issues, they can make well-informed voting decisions.

Who can run a 'meet the candidates' event

There are no specific rules on who can run a 'meet the candidates' event.

While the council does not run any 'meet the candidate' events, many individuals and groups do, including:

  • community groups
  • resident and ratepayer associations
  • universities
  • iwi
  • marae
  • youth councils.

When the 'meet the candidates' event should happen

Voters should get the chance to hear from the candidates and speak with them before voting starts on 20 September.

If an event takes place after voting begins, voters may have already posted their votes.

Run your event on days and times that will give the biggest number of voters the opportunity to attend.

Where you can hold the 'meet the candidates' event

You can decide where to hold your event.

You need to:

  • consider how accessible the location and the venue will be for voters - provide a ramp for the event if one doesn't already exist
  • let voters and candidates know where the location of the 'Meet the candidates' event is
  • be aware of the size of your venue and its maximum capacity, and make sure you do not exceed the numbers recommended.

Be prepared for strong opinions and the possibility of confrontation as this is the nature of political debate. Reduce risk by making sure your host or moderator can control and steer the conversation in a safe direction if things get heated or off-track.

We recommend that the host or moderator remind the candidates and the audience about what you expect in terms of behaviour.

Find Auckland Council facilities you can hire on the Community venues page.

Find and invite candidates

Help us make sure that the elections process is fair. No candidate should be given a greater advantage over another.

Invite all candidates in your local board or ward area to a 'meet the candidates' event, so they have the same opportunity to meet voters.

Questions to ask candidates at the event

You can get ideas for questions to ask the candidates from the pre-election report, which is an overview of the key issues facing Auckland in the next three years.

We also publish responses to all requests for information we receive from candidates in the 2019 local elections. See questions that candidates have asked and responses on:

You may choose to give candidates your questions in advance to enhance the debate.

Try to give all candidates equal opportunity to answer questions and make statements, to keep the debate fair and focused.

Promote your 'meet the candidates' event

You can advertise your event for free on the OurAuckland website.

After you have uploaded your event, it will appear on the Vote Auckland homepage.

You can also promote the event through your social media pages, and ask candidates to promote it through their networks.

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