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E Tono pūtea tukunga

Apply for grant funding

How to apply for a grant

You must submit your grant application using the SmartyGrants online system.

You will need to register to login using an email address and a password.

Our tip

Start early to give yourself time to consider and complete all questions and have all the necessary documents available.
If you have limited computer access, you can book a computer or librarian for one hour in one of Auckland's libraries. Library staff can also help you fill out the form.
You will need to take all the required documents saved on a memory stick with you so that you can upload these and include them in your application form.

​Remember to save the application form. The form will also auto save each time you move to a new page of the application form.

Depending on your answers to certain questions, some sections of the application form may be 'greyed out' and you won't be able to type in any answers.

Disclosure of interest

In the application form, we will ask you to disclose if a councillor or local board member, our employee or their immediate family has any interest or involvement in the project or activity you are planning to ask for funding for.

Our tip

A councillor or local board member involved can be present at a meeting where the project or activity is considered; however, they may not take part in the decision process.

Contact a grants advisor if you need advice on your application

Contact a grants advisor.