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Declaration of Results of Election for the 2019 elections for the three district health boards in the Auckland region

Public notice date: 22 October 2019

​I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 12 October 2019 for the following district health boards:

Auckland District Health Board (seven vacancies)

​AGNEW, Jo (City Vision Health)​Elected
​DAVIS, Peter (City Vision Health)​Elected
ATKINSON, Michelle (City Vision Health)​Elected
​BROWNLIE, Zoe (Independent)​Elected
​ARMSTRONG, Douglas (World Class Health Auckland)​Elected
​LAI, Fiona (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Elected
WARD, Ian (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​Elected
​ELLIOTT, Troy (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
BOSWELL, RossExcluded
​LEONI, Kerrin (City Vision Health)​Excluded
WILLIAMS, Pete (Independent)​Excluded
​BURROWS, Debbie (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​MACDONALD, Kyle (City Vision Health)​Excluded
​FLEMING, Susan (Independent)​Excluded
​POIRIER, Monique (C&R - Communities and Residents​Excluded
​HUGHES, Adam (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​CUMMUSKEY, Patrick (City Vision Health) Excluded​Excluded
​PARKINSON, Kit (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​SUNDBORN, Gerhard (Independent) Excluded​Excluded
​DAVIS, William Tamakehu (Independent) ​Excluded
​GAETA, Helen (City Vision Health)​Excluded
​STOPFORD, Tadhg Tim (The Hemp Foundation)​Excluded
​RICHARDS, Glyn (Independent)​Excluded
SCARBOROUGH, Te Karere​Excluded
​KEYS, Jude (Independent)​Excluded
​AMOS, Adam (Independent)​Excluded
​CHUTIPONGPISIT, Kullasit (Independent)​Excluded


Informal votes received: 8430

Blank votes received: 16452

I therefore declare Jo AGNEW, Douglas ARMSTRONG, Michelle ATKINSON, Zoe BROWNLIE, Peter DAVIS, Fiona LAI and Ian WARD to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 10672.643476184.

Counties Manukau District Health Board (seven vacancies)

​ABEL-PATTINSON, Catherine (Team Health)​Elected
YOUNG, Paul (Independent)​Elected
​BROWN, Colleen (Team Health)​Elected
​AUTAGAVAIA, Apulu Reece (Labour Party)​Elected
GLENN, Dianne (Independent)​Elected
BUNGARD, Katrina (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Elected
​BOLES, Garry (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Elected
​CHOUDHARY, Ashraf (Labour Party)​Excluded
​AUTAGAVAIA, Autagavaia Vaaiga (Labour Party)Excluded
​COLLINGS, David (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
MAXWELL, Kathy (Team Health)​Excluded
MURPHY, Lyn (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne​Excluded
GEORGE, Ngatai (Manukau Alive & Well)​Excluded
​SMITH, Geoff (Team Health)​Excluded
​DEWES, Ofa (Labour Party)​Excluded
​TURINSKY, Jewel (Practical Not Political)​Excluded
​LIM, Albert (Independent) ​Excluded
​PRIDAY, Adrienne (Independent) ​Excluded
​SHARMA VIJ, Nivedita (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​BHANA, Raewyn (Manukau Alive & Well) ​Excluded
WONG, Sally (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​BOLDY, TeRata Rangi Pihoihoi (Labour Party)​Excluded
​NORMAN, Elizabeth (Independent)​Excluded
​ROBSON, Ezekiel (Labour Party)​Excluded
​KEESTRA, Anita (Labour Party)​Excluded
​PEREIRA, Bernadette (Independent)​Excluded
​HICKEY, Huhana ​Excluded
PITCH, Ray (C&R - Communities and Residents)​Excluded
​BHATNAGAR, Parag (Independent)​Excluded
RIVERS, Watchman (Manukau Alive & Well)​Excluded
FOLAU, Topou​Excluded
DYALL, Lorna (Manukau Alive & Well)​Excluded


Informal votes received: 6921

Blank votes received: 12577

I therefore declare Catherine ABEL-PATTINSON, Apulu Reece AUTAGAVAIA, Garry BOLES, Colleen BROWN, Katrina BUNGARD, Dianne GLENN and Paul YOUNG to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 10164.886454926.

Waitematā District Health Board (seven vacancies)

​ABBOTT, Max (Health Board Action)Elected
​BOTTOMLEY, John​Elected
CONEY, Sandra (Independent)​Elected
​ROE, Allison (Independent)​Elected
​FLAUNTY, Warren William (Health Board Action)​Elected
​CARTER, Chris (Independent)​Elected
​BENSON-COOPER, Edward (Independent)​Elected
​HERNANDEZ, Monina (Labour Party)​Excluded
​HOOGERBRUG, Jono​Excluded
​BALOUCH, Uzra Casuri​Excluded
​NEESON, Brian (Independent)​Excluded
​COLEMAN, Lynne (Independent)​Excluded
BILLING, Nathan​Excluded
​WAUGH, Lindsay (Labour Party)​Excluded
​CHEEL, Tricia (STOP Trashing our Planet)​Excluded
​WHITTAKER, Wendy (Independent)​Excluded
​JONES, Mark (Labour Party)​Excluded
​BUCKLEY, Claire (Independent)​Excluded
​CHAMPION, Zahra​Excluded
​LE FEVRE, Mark ​Excluded
​TASHKOFF, Pete​Excluded
​LAMBERTON, Jim (Independent)​Excluded
GIRDWOOD, Richard (Independent)​Excluded

Informal votes received: 10231

Blank votes received: 18978

I therefore declare Max ABBOTT, Edward BENSON-COOPER, John BOTTOMLEY, Chris CARTER, Sandra CONEY, Warren William FLAUNTY and Allison ROE to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 13849.540343861.

Full details of the official results for each election are available on request from the Electoral Officer.

Dated at Auckland, 18 October 2019

Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer

Phone 09 973 5212 or 0800 922 822

Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland Central