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Declaration of Results of Election for the 2019 elections for the four Licensing Trusts in the Auckland region

Public notice date: 21 October 2019

​I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 12 October 2019 for the following Licensing Trusts.

​Mt Wellington Licensing Trust (six vacancies) ​Votes Received
BATUCAN, Tania (C&R - Communities and Residents)​2730
​BENSON-REA, Maureen (Labour Party)​2672
​CROSS, Leanne (United Locals)​2478
​DOLHEGUY, Jean (Labour Party)​2494
​FULIVAI, Hainoame (C&R - Communities and Residents)​2311
GOSCHE, Mark James (Labour Party)​3232
​HENRY, Nerissa (Labour Party)3067
MISIUEPA, Deborah (Labour Party)​2394
​MOCKRIDGE, Bryan (United Locals)​1575
O’MEARA, Patrick (United Locals)​1802
​VERRALL, Alan (Labour Party)​2759
​WOODCOCK, Greg (United Locals)​1881

Informal votes received: 26

Blank votes received: 656

I therefore declare Tania BATUCAN, Maureen BENSON-REA, Jean DOLHEGUY, Mark James GOSCHE, Nerissa HENRY and Alan VERRALL to be elected.


 Portage Licensing Trust


​Ward No 1 – Auckland City (three vacancies) Votes Received
​DAVIE, Kathryn (Community Independents)​3631
​DAVIE, Paul (Community Independents)​3366
​FARMER, Catherine (City Vision) ​5074
​LEARMONTH, Sam (Trusts Action Group)​3080
MEHTA, Shefali (C&R - Communities and Residents)​2946
​TAOGAGA, Kurt (City Vision) ​ 3646
WATSON, Margi (City Vision)4734

Informal votes received: 25

Blank votes received: 1284

I therefore declare Catherine FARMER, Kurt TAOGAGA and Margi WATSON to be elected.


​Ward No 2 – New Lynn (two vacancies)​Votes Received
DAVIS, Wayne (Independent)​1623
​NUTTALL, Pam (Labour Party)​1874
TAYLOR, Leanne (Labour Party)


Informal votes received: 1

Blank votes received: 530

I therefore declare Pam NUTTALL and Leanne TAYLOR to be elected.


Ward No 3 – Glen Eden (two vacancies)​Votes Received
​CLEWS, Janet (Independent)​1601
HENDERSON, Neil (Future West)​1807
WATSON, Noel (Trusts Action Group)​1490

Informal votes received: 1

Blank votes received: 316

I therefore declare Janet CLEWS and Neil HENDERSON to be elected.


Ward No 4 – Titirangi / Green Bay (two vacancies)​Votes Received
​BODENSTEIN, Andreas (Independent)​1154
​CLOW, Ross (Labour Party)​3344
GOODALE, Ben (Trusts Action Group)​3427
ROBERTS, Mark (Future West)​4264

Informal votes received: 1

Blank votes received: 876

I therefore declare Ben GOODALE and Mark ROBERTS to be elected.