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Declaration of Results of Election for the Auckland Council 2019 elections

Public notice date: 21 October 2019

​I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 12 October 2019 for the following offices:

Mayor (one vacancy)

​CHEEL, Tricia (STOP Trashing Our Planet) ​4116
​COOTE, Michael (Independent) ​5611
​FEIST, David John (LiftNZ) ​2301
FORDE, Genevieve ​2923
​GOFF, Phil (Independent) 180146
​HENETI, Alezix  ​514
​HENRY, Jannaha 2417
​HONG, John (Independent) ​16211
​JOHNSTON, Ted ​15637
KRUGER, Susanna (Justice for Families) 2894
​LORD, Craig (Independent) 29577
​MADDERN, Brendan Bruce (Independent) ​1446
​NGUYEN, Thanh Binh (Independent) ​954
​O'CONNOR, Phil (Christians Against Abortion) ​3984
SAINSBURY, Tom (Independent) ​2853
​SNELGAR, Glen (Old Skool) 2608
​STOPFORD, Tadhg Tim (The Hemp Foundation) ​2445
TAMIHERE, John (JT for ​80903
​VAUGHAN, Peter ​6214
​VERMUNT, Annalucia (Communist League) 1055
​YOUNG, Wayne (Virtual Homeless Community)


Informal votes received: 1575

Blank votes received: 7164

I therefore declare Phil GOFF to be elected.

Governing Body Wards

Albany Ward (two vacancies)

HENETI, Alezix ​3230
​PARFITT, Julia (Independent) 20278
WALKER, Wayne (Putting People First) 24768
​WATSON, John (Putting People First) 28510

​CASEY, Cathy (City Vision) ​19255
FLETCHER, Christine (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​20239
​GRAHAM, Mark (City Vision) ​15965
​THOMAS, Mark (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​17570

​COLLINGS, David (Collings for Council) ​11820
​LIGHT, Damian (Independent) ​12369
​MAMEDOV, Tofik (East Vision) ​4363
STEWART, Sharon (Independent) ​19531
​YOUNG, Paul (Independent) 16809

BROWN, Patrick (Communist League) ​4912
​COLLINS, Faanana Efeso (Labour Party) ​19053
​FILIPAINA, Alf (Labour Party) ​18814

Informal votes received: 21

Blank votes received: 1737

I therefore declare Faanana Efeso COLLINS and Alf FILIPAINA to be elected.

Manurewa-Papakura Ward (two vacancies)

​DALTON, Angela (Manurewa-Papakura Action Team) ​17362
​KERR, Karin (Independent) ​2575
​KRISHNAMOORTHY, Ilango (Labour Party) ​4347
​NEILSON, Peter (Labour Party) 6191
​NEWMAN, Daniel (Manurewa-Papakura Action Team) ​15904
​TURNER, Veronica (Justice for Families) ​2605

​BARTLEY, Josephine (Labour Party) ​8358
​BEDDELL, Josh (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​7214
CLARIDGE, Carmel (Better Auckland) 1264
O'MEARA, Patrick (United Locals) 892

Informal votes received: 38

Blank votes received: 905

I therefore declare Josephine BARTLEY to be elected.

North Shore Ward (two vacancies)

​BUNTING, Anthony (Independent) ​3976
DARBY, Chris (Taking the Shore Forward)  17559
​GILLON, Grant (More For The Shore) ​14300
​GRANT, Danielle (More For The Shore) 15071

​HILLS, Richard (A Positive Voice for the Shore)


Informal votes received: 38

Blank votes received: 1462

I therefore declare Chris DARBY and Richard HILLS to be elected.

Ōrākei Ward (one vacancy)

​BARRACLOUGH, Alan (Green Party) ​3892
​PADFIELD, Mike (Better Auckland) ​2958
​SIMPSON, Desley (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​19618

Informal votes received: 30

Blank votes received: 1502

I therefore declare Desley SIMPSON to be elected.

 Waitākere Ward (two vacancies)

​CHAN, Peter (Independent) ​10674
​CHEEL, Tricia (STOP Trashing our Planet) ​2677
​COOPER, Linda (Independent) ​14750
​COOTE, Michael (Independent) ​2558
​HENDERSON, Shane (Labour Party) ​14695
​PRESLAND, Greg (Labour Party) ​11623
TALYANCICH, Paul (Independent) ​6121
TOOTH, Dillon (Independent) ​5944

Informal votes received: 80

Blank votes received: 1757

I therefore declare Linda COOPER and Shane HENDERSON to be elected.

 Waitematā and Gulf Ward (one vacancy)

COOM, Pippa (City Vision) ​6581
​LEE, Mike (Independent)  ​6262
MATSON, Allan (Independent) ​431
​MAXWELL-STEELE, Will (Independent) ​740
​TROTMAN, Sarah (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​2907

Informal votes received: 34

Blank votes received: 1113

I therefore declare Pippa COOM to be elected.

Whau Ward (one vacancy)

​CLOW, Ross (Labour Party) ​5663
​DAVIE, Paul (Community Independents) ​1774
​DEGIA-PALA, Anne (Independent)  ​1336
​FRASER, Jessamine (Green Party) ​2241
​MULHOLLAND, Tracy (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​5853

Informal votes received: 66

Blank votes received: 1168

I therefore declare Tracy MULHOLLAND to be elected.

Local Boards

Albert-Eden Local Board (eight vacancies) consisting of:

Maungawhau Subdivision (four vacancies)

​CASSELLS, Linda (City Vision) ​4888
​CORRICK, Lee (C&R - Communities and Residents)  ​5639
​DAWA, Yeshe (City Vision) ​4477
​HAYNES, Peter (City Vision) 5059
​LANGTON, Rachel (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​5910
​LEE, Benjamin (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​ 6223
​POWER, Bernadette (City Vision) ​5318
​SMITH, Kendyl (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​5439

Informal votes received: 13

Blank votes received: 1366

I therefore declare Lee CORRICK, Rachel LANGTON, Benjamin LEE and Kendyl SMITH to be elected.

Owairaka Subdivision (four vacancies)

EARLEY, Megan (Independent) ​3025
​EASTE, Graeme (City Vision) ​4653
​FOWLER, Jose Luis (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3599
​MASKILL, Julia (City Vision) ​5166
MCGIVERN, Anthony (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3846
​POIRIER, Monique (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​4509
​ROBERTSON, Christina (City Vision) ​5116
​TUPOU, Victoria (Independent) ​3418
​WALKLEY, Kristina (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3296
​WATSON, Margi (City Vision) ​5967

Informal votes received: 22

Blank votes received: 1014

I therefore declare Graeme EASTE, Julia MASKILL, Christina ROBERTSON and Margi WATSON to be elected.

Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board (five vacancies)

​CARLIN, Bill (Independent) ​162
COLES, Luke (Independent) ​380
DALY, Sue (Independent) ​393
​FORDHAM, Izzy (Independent) 437
MUNRO, Catherine (Independent) 93
O'SHEA, Patrick (Independent) 297
​TOKI, Valmaine (Independent) ​281

Informal votes received: 0

Blank votes received: 3

I therefore declare Luke COLES, Sue DALY, Izzy FORDHAM, Patrick O'SHEA and Valmaine TOKI to be elected.

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board (six vacancies)

​BENNETT, Aidan (A Fresh Approach) ​7258
​BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent) ​2657
BRETT, Kevin (The Trump New Zealand Party) ​905
​BUSCH, Gavin (Team George Wood) 4275
CORNISH, Paul (Keep our Open Spaces) ​4898
​DEANS, Trish (Heart of the Shore) ​5687
HORSBURGH, Donald (Independent) ​2803
JACKSON, Ruth (Heart of the Shore) ​5903
​MCKENZIE, Jenn (Team George Wood) ​4564
​O'CONNOR, Jan (Heart of the Shore) 6825
​REA, Iain (Heart of the Shore) 4370
REVELL, Ian (Team George Wood) ​4282
SCANLAN, Dorothea Akenese (The Trump New Zealand Party) ​643
SHEEHY, Michael (Team George Wood) ​5226
VAN TONDER, Toni (A Fresh Approach) ​6088
WATSON, Danny (A Fresh Approach) ​5081
WOOD, George (Team George Wood) 6141
WOOD, John (Future Focus) ​2286

Franklin Local Board (nine vacancies) consisting of:

Pukekohe Subdivision (four vacancies)

​BADHAN, Karnail (Independent) 2744
​BAKER, Andy (Team Franklin) ​5166
​COLE, Alan (Team Franklin) 5633
​CUMMINGS, Ian (Independent) ​2708
KAUR, Baljit (Labour Party) ​1519
​KINZETT, Amanda (Team Franklin)  ​3803
POPE, Dave (Independent)​ ​2611
​SOOLE, Logan (Team Franklin) ​3093

Informal votes received: 10

Blank votes received: 270

I therefore declare Andy BAKER, Alan COLE, Amanda KINZETT and Logan SOOLE to be elected.

Wairoa Subdivision (three vacancies)

BELL, Malcolm 2971
​CLEAVE, Jesse (Independent) 1703
FULLJAMES, Angela (Team Franklin) 3546
GEDGE, Lance (Independent) 2886
GEORGE, Ngatai (Better Franklin) 1034
​HOPKINS, Amanda (Team Franklin) 2786
STACE, Ani 1199

Informal votes received: 5

Blank votes received: 520

I therefore declare Malcolm BELL, Angela FULLJAMES and Lance GEDGE to be elected.

Waiuku Subdivision (two vacancies)

​DRUYVEN, Sharlene (Team Franklin) 3048
MANNING, Gareth (Team Franklin) ​1574
​MURPHY, Matthew (Waiuku First) 1640
QUILTY, Terry (Team Waiuku) ​873

Informal votes received: 4

Blank votes received: 104

I therefore declare Sharlene DRUYVEN and Matthew MURPHY to be elected.

Henderson-Massey Local Board (eight vacancies) 

​BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent ​5001
​BOLD-WILSON, Paula (Labour Party) ​7439
​BRADY, Brenda (Independent) ​10113
​CARTER, Chris (Labour Party) ​11250
​CHAN, Peter (Independent) ​9840
​COOTE, Michael (Independent) ​4447
​EISENHUT, Daniel 2983​
​FLAUNTY, Warren William (Independent) ​7700
FLAVELL, Will (Labour Party) ​9198
​GEORGE-KOTEKA, Rebecca (Labour Party) ​6786
​GREY, Matt (Independent) ​9339
HENDERSON, Shane (Labour Party)  ​11379
​KUMAR, Murali (Labour Party) ​5500
LIEW, Benny 3273
LOADER, Brooke (Labour Party) ​8320
NEESON, Vanessa (Independent) 8535
PAPAU, Ingrid (Independent) ​8314
​RIDDELL, John (Independent) ​6589
​TIPI, Leata Laine (Labour Party) ​6792

Informal votes received: 103

Blank votes received: 1121

I therefore declare Brenda BRADY, Chris CARTER, Peter CHAN, Will FLAVELL, Matt GREY, Shane HENDERSON, Brooke LOADER and Vanessa NEESON to be elected. However, as Shane Henderson has been declared elected a councillor to the Waitākere Ward, his name has been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate Ingrid PAPAU is declared elected.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board (eight vacancies) consisting of:

East Coast Bays Subdivision (four vacancies)

BENSON-COOPER, Edward (Independent) ​2787
​BETTANY, Christina (Backing the Bays) ​4871
BROWN, James (Independent) 1948
​COOPER, David (Independent) 2360
​HALL, Elizabeth 1818
​HOLMES, Gary (Backing the Bays)  5723
PARFITT, Julia (Backing the Bays) ​8052
​PEREZ, Susana (Independent) ​1663
POPPELBAUM, Alexis (Backing the Bays) 6935
​SHORT, Victoria (Independent) ​5020
​STANTON, Glen (Independent) ​2577

Informal votes received: 26

Blank votes received: 602

I therefore declare Gary HOLMES, Julia PARFITT, Alexis POPPELBAUM and Victoria SHORT to be elected.

Hibiscus Coast Subdivision (four vacancies)

​BROWN, Gary (Coast People and Penlink First) ​6827
​DAVIES, John (Positively Penlink) 5169
​DUNN, Andy (Coast People and Penlink First) ​6793
​FIELD, John 1233
​FITZGERALD, Janet ​7569
​HENETI, Alezix ​549
​LYTTELTON, Stephen 5486
MILLS, Sam (Independent) 2659
​PENFOLD, Eva (Coast People and Penlink First) ​5213
​ROBINSON, Brent (Positively Penlink) ​4547
TEIRNEY, Claire (Independent) 2012
TOMPKINS, Larry (Independent)  ​2078
WALDING, David ​1104
WILLIS, Leanne ​5790

Informal votes received: 73

Blank votes received: 772

I therefore declare Gary BROWN, Andy DUNN, Janet FITZGERALD and Leanne WILLIS to be elected.

Howick Local Board (nine vacancies) consisting of:

Botany Subdivision (three vacancies)

HARDING, Ashleigh (Independent)  ​4471
JOHNSON, Mark (Labour Party) ​2652
MEHDI, Masooma 1178
​MILLWARD, Lance (Labour Party) ​1672
​SHARMA VIJ, Nivedita (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​2796
SINGH, Ajaypal ​983
​SINGH, Kharag (Labour Party) ​1767
​TURINSKY, Mike (Practical not Political) ​5682
​WICHMAN, Bob (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​4759
​YOUNG, Peter (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​5422

Informal votes received: 23

Blank votes received: 664

I therefore declare Mike TURINSKY, Bob WICHMAN and Peter YOUNG to be elected.

Howick Subdivision (three vacancies)

​ANDREWS, Jess (East Vision) 1159
​BARNETT, Richie (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3583
BURNS, Bo (weknowhowick) ​4753
​DONALD, Jim (Independent ​3426
​SHEEHY, Matthew (Independent) ​1220
​SPILLER, John (weknowhowick) ​5483
​STEWART, Sharon (Independent) ​5663
​WHITE, Adele (weknowhowick) ​5022
​WOOD, Barry (Independent) 2777

Informal votes received: 14

Blank votes received: 646

I therefore declare John SPILLER, Sharon STEWART and Adele WHITE to be elected. However, as Sharon STEWART has been declared elected to the Howick Ward, her name has been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate Bo BURNS is declared elected.

Pakuranga Subdivision (three vacancies)

​BALOCH, Khalyd ​620
BOLES, Garry (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3514
BUNGARD, Katrina (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​4675
​COLLINGS, David (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​4088
​FLEMING, Peter (Independent) ​811
HUANG, Wayne ​3248
KENDALL, Bruce ​4430
​MAMEDOV, Tofik (East Vision) ​1104
​SMITH, Dale 812
​UDY, Steve (Independent) ​3692
​XIAO, Morgan (East Vision) 1641

Informal votes received: 17

Blank votes received: 664

I therefore declare Katrina BUNGARD, David COLLINGS and Bruce KENDALL to be elected.

Kaipātiki Local Board (eight vacancies)

​COURTIER, Trevor (Independent)  ​5076
DEARLOVE, Murrey ​3210
​GILLON, John (Shore Action) 11686
GILLON, Paula (Shore Action) ​10289
GRANT, Danielle (Shore Action) 11420
​HARTLEY, Ann (Kaipātiki Voice) 9490
HARTLEY, Louis (Kaipātiki Voice) ​7104
JENSEN, Jesse (Independent) ​3731
​KENRICK, Melanie (Shore Action) 9618
LEILUA, Shannon (Kaipātiki Voice) ​6043
SCHMIDT, Cindy (Kaipātiki Voice) ​9484
​SHAW, Andrew (Kaipātiki Voice) ​7178
SMITHSON, Anne-Elise (Shore Action) ​7007
​TYLER, Adrian (Shore Action) 8971
​WAAKA, Frances (Kaipātiki Voice) ​6612

 Informal votes received: 44

Blank votes received: 1457

I therefore declare John GILLON, Paula GILLON, Danielle GRANT, Ann HARTLEY, Melanie KENRICK, Cindy SCHMIDT, Andrew SHAW and Adrian TYLER to be elected.

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board (seven vacancies)

BAKULICH, Tauanu'u Nick (Labour Party)  8044
​CORBETT, Brendan ​3807
EVILE, Fritz ​2306
​FATU TOLEAFOA, Harry (Labour Party) 7784
​KOLO, Makalita (Labour Party) ​6936
LEAVASA, Anae Neru (Labour Party) 7870
​O'BRIEN, Christine Frances (Labour Party) 8015
​PATUA, Sam ​3126
​SOSENE, Lemauga Lydia (Labour Party) 7982
TIPENE, Michelle Paulette ​2372
TOGIAMUA, Walter (Labour Party) ​7797

Informal votes received: 29

Blank votes received: 568

I therefore declare Tauanu'u Nick BAKULICH, Harry FATU TOLEAFOA, Makalita KOLO, Anae Neru LEAVASA, Christine Frances O'BRIEN, Lemauga Lydia SOSENE and Walter TOGIAMUA to be elected.

Manurewa Local Board (eight vacancies)

ALLAN, Joseph (Manurewa Action Team) ​7027
ATAMA, Melissa (Manurewa Action Team)  ​6030
​CANDY, Anne (Manurewa Action Team) ​6712
​COLCORD, Sarah (Independent) ​4795
​CUNNINGHAM-MARINO, Angela (Independent Action) ​4584
DENNIS, Kim (Independent) ​2290
​FEAGAIGA, Sago (Labour Party) ​4050
GORRIE, Tabetha (Manurewa Action Team) ​4963
HALL, John ​3339
​ISAAC, Kim (Labour Party) ​2998
​KRISHNAMOORTHY, Ilango (Labour Party) ​3047
​MCLEAN, Rangi (Manurewa Action Team)  6695
​MURPHY, Glenn (Manurewa Action Team) ​6041
​PENNEY, Ken (Manurewa Action Team) ​6682
​PIZZINI, David (Manurewa Action Team) ​5843
​PRASAD, Mitlesh (Sustainable Future) ​1952
​ROBSON, Ezekiel (Labour Party) 4033 ​4033
SMILER-EDWARDS, Frances (Labour Party) ​2826
​TUIA, Elizabeth (Labour Party) 4000
​VODNALA, Jagan Reddy (Labour Party) ​2830
​WHITE, Duncan (Independent) 2846
WILLIAMS, Grant (Labour Party) ​4240

Informal votes received: 97
Blank votes received: 647
I therefore declare Joseph ALLAN, Melissa ATAMA, Anne CANDY, Tabetha GORRIE, Rangi MCLEAN, Glenn MURPHY, Ken PENNEY and David PIZZINI,  to be elected.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board (seven vacancies) consisting of:

Maungakiekie Subdivision (three vacancies)      


ALLAN, Don (C&R - Communities and Residents)  4116
BURROWS, Debbie (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3760
MATAFAI, Clera (City Vision) ​1946
MOCKRIDGE, Bryan (United Locals) ​967
​RUDOLPH, Godfrey (City Vision) ​1788
​THORNE, Jeanette (City Vision) ​2454
WOODCOCK, Tony (C&R - Communities and Residents) 3394


Informal votes received: 14

Blank votes received: 481

I therefore declare Don ALLAN, Debbie BURROWS and Tony WOODCOCK  to be elected.

Tāmaki Subdivision (four vacancies)


BATUCAN, Tania (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​2915
BEDDELL, Josh (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​3685
CROSS, Leanne (United Locals) ​1939
FULIVAI, Hainoame (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​2478
​HENRY, Nerissa (Labour Party) 4110
​MAKOARE, Chris (Labour Party) ​3940
​MCGLASHAN, Peter (Labour Party) 3944
​MEREDITH, Maria (Labour Party) 4269
PETERSEN-LESATELE, Violetta (C&R - Communities and Residents) ​2155


 Informal votes received: 21

Blank votes received: 484 I therefore declare Nerissa HENRY, Chris MAKOARE, Peter MCGLASHAN, and Maria MEREDITH to be elected.

Ōrākei Local Board (seven vacancies)

​CHURTON, Troy (C&R - Communities and Residents) 15668
​CLARIDGE, Carmel (Better Auckland)​10447
​DAVIS, Colin (C&R - Communities and Residents)13453
​ELLIOTT, Troy (C&R - Communities and Residents)​13749
MERCER, Isaac​6810
​MILNE, Scott (C&R - Communities and Residents)15449
​PADFIELD, Mike (Better Auckland)​7695
​POWRIE, Sarah (C&R - Communities and Residents)14470
VOYCE, Margaret (C&R - Communities and Residents)​13674
​WILLIAMS, Pete (Independent)​10568
​WONG, David (C&R - Communities and Residents)​14724
    Informal votes received: 47
    Blank votes received: 1956
    I therefore declare Troy CHURTON, Colin DAVIS, Troy ELLIOTT, Scott MILNE, Sarah POWRIE, Margaret VOYCE and David WONG to be elected.

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board (seven vacancies) consisting of:

Ōtara Subdivision (three vacancies)

​AUTAGAVAIA, Apulu Reece (Labour Party)​3613
FULI, Lotu (Labour Party)​3848
GUSH, Mary (Independent)​1599
​NELSON, Swanie (Labour Party)​3687

Informal votes received: 4

Blank votes received: 201

I therefore declare Apulu Reece AUTAGAVAIA, Lotu FULI and Swanie NELSON to be elected.

Papatoetoe Subdivision (four vacancies)

​CHOUDHARY, Ashraf (Labour Party)​3785
​DEWES, Ofa (Labour Party)​3913
​GAGAMOE, Tafilelea Faavae (Independent)​1987
​LIM, Albert (Independent)​3358
​ROBERTSON, Ross (Labour Party)​5443
​STONYER, Margaret (Independent)​2238
​TRENBERTH, Dawn (Labour Party)​4116

Informal votes received: 15

Blank votes received: 264

I therefore declare Ashraf CHOUDHARY, Ofa DEWES, Ross ROBERTSON and Dawn TRENBERTH to be elected.

Papakura Local Board (six vacancies)

​ARVIDSON, David (Papakura First)​3273
​AUVA'A, Felicity Jane (Papakura First)​3699
​BLAKELOCK, Jen (Papakura First) 2075
​CATCHPOLE, Brent (Papakura Action Team)​5247
​HASSAN, Kim (Labour Party) ​1653
​HAWKINS, George (Papakura Action Team)​4549
​KENDALL, Anne (Papakura Action Team)​3522
​MARINO-TAUHINU, Ian (Labour Party)​1482
​MEALAMU, Keven (Papakura First)​6079
​NAKHLE, Rima (Papakura Action Team)​2517

​PABLA, Bhupinder (Labour Party)

PABLA, Jesse (Labour Party)​1854
​PAUL, Jacqueline (Labour Party) ​2262
​PEKA, Gerald Woodie (Labour Party)1405
​ROBINSON, Jan (Papakura Action Team)​4030
​SMURTHWAITE, Sue (Papakura Action Team)​3666
​WATENE, Lance (Papakura First)​3212
​WEBSTER, Andrew (Papakura First)2895

Informal votes received: 61

Blank votes received: 440

I therefore declare Felicity Jane AUVA'A, Brent CATCHPOLE, George HAWKINS, Keven MEALAMU, Jan ROBINSON and Sue SMURTHWAITE to be elected.

Puketāpapa Local Board (six members)

​CHEN, Tina (C&R - Communities and Residents)​4982
​COURY, Anne-Marie (Roskill Community Voice)​5301
​DOIG, Harry (Roskill Community Voice)​5545
​FAIREY, Julie (Roskill Community Voice)​ 6390
​JOHNSON, Jeffrey (C&R - Communities and Residents)​5089
​KAUSHAL, Shail (Roskill Community Voice)​5433
​KUMAR, Ella (C&R - Communities and Residents)​6528
​LAI, Fiona (C&R - Communities and Residents)5956
​RANCHHOD, Ashwin (C&R - Communities and Residents)​4332
​SHEN, Bobby (Roskill Community Voice)5693
​SUBRITZKY, Jonathan (C&R - Communities and Residents)​5327
​TURNER, Jon (Roskill Community Voice)​6157

Informal votes received: 40

Blank votes received: 1055

I therefore declare Harry DOIG, Julie FAIREY, Ella KUMAR, Fiona LAI, Bobby SHEN and Jon TURNER, to be elected.

Rodney Local Board (nine vacancies) consisting of:

Kumeū Subdivision (four vacancies)

​BAILEY, Brent (Rodney First)​4520
​HANCOCK, Danielle (Rodney First)​4134
​KENNY, Vicki (Rodney First)​4089
LAW, Steven (Independent)​3024
​PIRRIE, Phelan (Rodney First)​5790
​UPSON, Geoff​2697

Informal votes received: 5

Blank votes received: 309

I therefore declare Brent BAILEY, Danielle HANCOCK, Vicki KENNY and Phelan PIRRIE to be elected.

Warkworth Subdivision (three vacancies)

​GARNER, Steven3184
​HOLDGATE, Tim (Independent)3782
​HOULBROOKE, Beth (Rodney First)4993
​MANTON, Paul (Rodney First)​3011
​WALKER, Ayla (Rodney First)2726

Informal votes received: 11

Blank votes received: 172

I therefore declare Steven GARNER, Tim HOLDGATE and Beth HOULBROOKE to be elected.

Upper Harbour Local Board (six vacancies)

​ATKINSON, Anna (Living Upper Harbour)​6398
​BALOUCH, Uzra Casuri​5767
​BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne​2657
​BLAIR, Callum (Independent)​4302
​BOOTTEN, Jaggar (Independent)​4324
​GLOVER, John Henry​4327
​LOAU, John (Independent)​4176
MAYNE, Nicholas (Living Upper Harbour)​5663
​MCDONALD, Jonathan (Independent)​1962
​MCLEAN, John (Independent)​4767
​MILES, Margaret (Independent) ​7323
​NEESON, Brian (Independent)​5012
​STANTON, Glen (Independent)​2262
​WHYTE, Lisa​6071

Informal votes received: 66

Blank votes received: 1113

I therefore declare Anna ATKINSON, Uzra Casuri BALOUCH, Nicholas MAYNE, Margaret MILES, Brian NEESON and Lisa WHYTE to be elected.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board (six vacancies)

​ALLEN, Mark (Future West)​5448
​CATHCART, Angus (WestWards)​3835
​CLAYTON, Michelle (WestWards)​5350
​CONEY, Sandra (Future West)6067
​DEMPSTER, Dave (WestWards)​2760
​HARTNETT, Tony (Independent)​2326
​HENDERSON, Neil (Future West)​5317
​KELLY, Cheryl (WestWards)​4139
​POTAUAINE, Linda (WestWards)​4462
​PRESLAND, Greg (Future West)​6556
ROBERTS, Mark (Future West)​4964
​SHEPHERD, Christine (Independent)​2451
​TOMS, Saffron (Future West)5603
​TURNER, Ken (WestWards)​6242
​WINEERA, Michelle (Independent)​1506

Informal votes received: 52

Blank votes received: 729

I therefore declare Mark ALLEN, Michelle CLAYTON, Sandra CONEY, Greg PRESLAND, Saffron TOMS and Ken TURNER to be elected.

Waitematā Local Board (seven vacancies)

​BALDOCK, Gael (Independent)​2034
BONHAM, Alexandra (City Vision)​7547
​BURTON, Roger (C&R – Communities and Residents) 5280
​CALWAY, Amy (C&R - Communities and Residents)​5228
​CHRISTIE, Adriana (City Vision)​7405
​DOUBTFIRE, Josh (C&R - Communities and Residents)5123
​FRYER, Glenda (City Vision) ​6295
​GUNTHORP, Graeme (City Vision) ​6529
​LEONI, Kerrin (City Vision)​6767
​L'ESTRANGE-CORBET, Denise (C&R - Communities and Residents)​5024
​MATSON, Allan (Independent) 4064
​MAXWELL-STEELE, Will (Independent)3007
​MCCONNELL, Keith (Independent)2529
MOYLE, Greg (C&R – Communities and Residents)4938
NORTHEY, Richard (City Vision)6857
​SANDILANDS, Julie (City Vision)​6773
​SCHAUMKEL, Ming (Independent)​2188
​STOPFORD, Tadhg Tim (The Hemp Foundation)​2253
TROTMAN, Sarah (C&R - Communities and Residents)​6888

 Informal votes received: 70

Blank votes received: 1573

I therefore declare Alexandra BONHAM, Adriana CHRISTIE, Graeme GUNTHORP, Kerrin LEONI, Richard NORTHEY, Julie SANDILANDS and Sarah TROTMAN to be elected.

Whau Local Board (seven vacancies)

AMOSA, Fasitua (Labour Party)​5740
BASHA, Aadil ​1772
​CHAND, Ami (Labour Party)4679
DAVIE, Kathryn (Community Independents)​3021
​DAVIE, Paul (Community Independents)​3761
​DAVIS, Wayne (Independent)​3745
D'SILVA, Alston (C&R - Communities and Residents)​3497
FALEOLO, Moses (C&R - Communities and Residents)​3298
FARMER, Catherine (Labour Party)​6879
​FRASER, Jessamine (Green Party)​4099
​FREDERIKSON, Warwick (Independent)​1938
​GANATRA, Jitesh (C&R - Communities and Residents)​2289
​MATĀFAI, Te'evā (Labour Party)​5009
PATERSON, Sandra (C&R - Communities and Residents)​3946
​PIPER, Warren (Independent)​5859
​RILEY, Anne (C&R - Communities and Residents)4720
​ROSE, Jessica (Green Party)​4909
​SHADBOLT, Reuben (Independent) ​2313
​SUBRITZKY, John (C&R - Communities and Residents)​4040
THOMAS, Kay (Labour Party) ​4971
​UNASA, Uesifili (Labour Party) 4293
​WATSON, Sara (C&R - Communities and Residents)​4271
​WATT, Lawrence (Green Party)​2662
​YIN, Howie (Independent)​3771
​ZHU, Susan (Labour Party) 5770​5770

Informal votes received: 121

Blank votes received: 940

I therefore declare Fasitua AMOSA, Catherine FARMER, Te'evā MATĀFAI, Warren PIPER, Jessica ROSE, Kay THOMAS and Susan ZHU to be elected.


Dated at Auckland, 18 October 2019

Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer

Phone 09 973 5212 or 0800 922 822

Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland Central




Notice of right to demand a poll on electoral system of right to demand a poll on electoral system​In accordance with section 28 of the Local Electoral Act 2001, Auckland Council gives notice of the right to demand a poll on the electoral system to be used for the election of members of the governing body and local boards in 2022. Public noticeaspx
Proposal to grant a community agreement to lease and new community lease at Colin Maiden Park to grant a community agreement to lease and new community lease at Colin Maiden Park Have your say on a proposal to grant a community agreement to lease and new community lease at Colin Maiden Park Public noticeaspx
Proposal to grant an agreement to lease and new community lease at Michaels Avenue Reserve to grant an agreement to lease and new community lease at Michaels Avenue ReserveWe are proposing to grant an agreement to lease and new community lease at Micheals Avenue Reserve.Public noticeaspx