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Auckland Council

Proposal to grant a community lease to Omaha Beach Bowling Club Incorporated

Public notice date: 04 October 2018

Closing date and time: 09 November 2018, 5 p.m.

Auckland Council invites submissions or objections from persons with an interest in respect to the above proposal.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002, the Rodney Local Board  proposes to grant a new community lease on portions of land on the corner of Omaha Drive and North West Anchorage, Omaha legally described as Lot 680 DP 142129 and Lot 1 DP 166169 (2056.8 m² more or less) to Omaha Beach Bowling Club Incorporated.

The land is held in fee simple by council under the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002.

The terms of the proposed community lease are an initial term of 10 years with one right of renewal for 10 years. A new community lease will allow the Omaha Beach Bowling Club Incorporated continued occupation of the land.

Any person wishing to make a submission in respect of the above proposal is required to lodge this in writing to Karen Walby, Community Lease Advisor, Auckland Council, Private Bag 92300, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142 no later than 5.00pm Friday 9 November 2018. Alternatively, submissions may be emailed to

Please state in your submission if you wish to be heard in person.

Any information provided to the council will become subject to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and may be released by the Council under that Act, unless a withholding ground under that Act applies.

Submitters details may be provided to elected members for decision making purposes and may be included in meeting agendas that will be published on the council's website.

Any submitter should state in their submission if the whole or any part of the submission is to be kept confidential and must indicate the grounds for the information to be withheld.