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​Transcript of the 10-year budget environment targeted rate video[Video: The video is computer-generated throughout. The Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water) displays.Soft background music plays. A section of forest and bush land is displayed. A number of endangered birds, including kiwi and fantails, begin to emerge from behind trees and bushes]Voice: Kauri dieback disease is threatening one of our most iconic trees, and two-thirds of Auckland's local native species are under threat of extinction.[Video: A kauri tree is displayed in full bloom. A snail is seen moving up the trunk. Various sections of the tree's leaves are displayed. A wood pigeon appears from behind the leaves, followed by a tui. The camera pulls back to reveal the full kauri tree. All of the leaves on the tree disappear.Voice: Our current budgets will not allow us to address this, so we are proposing a targeted rate to fund environmental initiatives, including tackling kauri dieback disease, with two options.[Video: Three typical residential homes are displayed below the number '$21'. A factory building and a skyscraper appear below the number '$98'.A new set of numbers appears, representing the second option available: '$47' is displayed above the residential homes, and '$219' appears above the factory building and skyscraper.]1. A targeted rate of $21 a year for average value residential properties and $98 for business properties.2. A targeted rate of $47 a year for average value residential properties and $219 for business properties.[Video: The bare kauri tree is again displayed. Leaves grow back on the tree. A wood pigeon and tui emerge from the leaves, while two kiwi appear from behind the trunk. More kauri trees appear around it. Pests, such as stoats emerge on an individual tree trunk. A 'crossed through' icon appears on top of these pests.]Voice: Both options would aim to tackle kauri dieback disease, and address the spread of pests, weeds, and diseases. However, the second option would achieve a lot more.Which option do you prefer? It's time to have your say.[Video: The 'AK Have Your Say' logo appears in front of a panorama of Auckland. The Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water) and '' are displayed.]For more information, visit