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​Transcript of the 10-year Budget water quality video

[Video: The video is computer-generated throughout. The Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water) displays in the top right corner.

Soft background music plays. A harbour appears, with boats, yachts, and ships moving across the water. Rain clouds form in the skies. In the background is the Auckland skyline, including landmarks such as the Sky Tower and Auckland Harbour Bridge. A pipe emerges, and begins to spill multi-coloured contaminants into the water. The water turns a shade of green.]

Voice: Our harbours and streams are being polluted by overflows from old sewage and stormwater systems that can't cope with heavy rainfall, and contaminants washed into natural waterways.

[Video: A pile of documents is flattened by a large number '30', which is then itself squashed with a large number '10'. We return to the harbour and Auckland skyline. Rain clouds and sewage pipes disappear, and the water changes from green to its original shade of blue.]

Voice: We're proposing a targeted rate to deliver our 30-year water quality improvement program in just 10 years. This will improve our sewerage system and reduce the number of spills into our harbours from hundreds per year to less than six.

[Video: Three typical residential homes are displayed, below the number '$66'. A skyscraper and a factory building appear, below the number '$308'.]

Voice: An average value residential home would pay $66 per year, while the average business would pay $308.

[Video: The 'AK Have Your Say' logo appears in front of a panorama of Auckland. The Auckland Council logo (pōhutukawa flower over water) and '' are displayed.]

Voice: For more information, visit