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Development Contributions

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About the Draft Auckland Council Contributions Policy 2018

The Development Contributions Policy sets out the capital expenditure to be funded by development contributions (DCs) and how much developers will pay.

Development contributions are paid by developers based on the size and location of their development. The charge is set so that the cost for each development is an equitable share of the local and regional infrastructure required to support the development.

The policy provides:

  • a record of how infrastructure for growth is funded
  • transparency of what is funded and what has been delivered
  • certainty to stakeholders in how infrastructure will be funded, including major transformational infrastructure
  • a way for those involved in developments to make payments that reflect expected demand on infrastructure and the expected benefits of that infrastructure.

The current development contributions policy was set in 2015 and needs to be updated on 1 July 2018.

Key proposed changes

  • Increased capital expenditure spending and resulting increased development contribution price.
  • Four additional funding areas.
  • Amendment of some development types to better reflect the demand they place on infrastructure.
  • Clarification of definitions for some development types.
  • Adjustment of payment timings.

What we need your feedback on

We would like feedback from developers and other interested parties about the changes set out in the Draft Contributions Policy 2018.

Your feedback will help shape the final policy, which we will publish in June 2018.

When you can have your say

You can have your say from 1 May to 8pm, 14 May 2018.


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