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Draft Tāmaki Open Space Network Plan

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About the Draft Tāmaki Open Space Network Plan

A sustainable, high-quality open space network plan for Tāmaki will help us prepare for future development and growth in our area. It will help ensure the community has access to a range of recreational, social, cultural and environmental experiences.

The plan will help us prioritise funding for parks and open spaces in the Tāmaki area. It will address issues like:

  • the shortage of open spaces and sports facilities in the area
  • making current open spaces safer
  • providing opportunity to express Tāmaki's rich Māori history
  • filling gaps in the variety of play options offered
  • improving water quality and biodiversity
  • improving connections between public transport, community facilities and amenities.

The plan will also help guide the local board in assessing future proposals around land exchanges (which will be subject to further public consultation).

When you can have your say

The consultation period has been extended to close on 22 October 2018 following feedback from the community.

Your feedback will help us make decisions on open space priorities in Tāmaki over the next 15 years.