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Draft Harbourview-Orangihina Park Masterplan

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Draft Harbourview-Orangihina Park Masterplan

About the park

Harbourview-Orangihina Park is a coastal landscape with significant ecological, archaeological, cultural and recreational value. It is home to geological formations, rare and endangered fauna, and a saltmarsh environment of regional importance.

About the masterplan

The Harbourview-Orangihina Park Masterplan is an aspirational long-term document to help shape the direction of the park. It ensures that future design and decision-making reflects the unique values of the park.

We have prepared the draft plan in close collaboration with mana whenua and a community reference group made up of representatives from the community and groups involved with the park, as well as biodiversity and heritage experts from Auckland Council.

How the masterplan fits in with other projects in Harbourview-Orangihina Park

The community marae

The Te Atatū Marae Coalition has plans to build a community marae in an area of the park that is zoned Special Purpose in the Unitary Plan.

This is outside of the scope of the draft masterplan, although it shows the design of the marae, and how it fits into the wider park.

The pony club

The masterplan supports the continued use of the southern part of the park for pony grazing.

Pony grazing provides a good habitat for native birds like the endangered New Zealand dotterel that is free from mowers and dogs.

Play options for children

The draft masterplan supports a play trail based on nature-themed play rather than a playground in order to preserve the natural open space of the park. This will consist of individual play features or stations along a walkway or cycleway.

Some examples of nature play elements can be found on the consultation documents page.

Transport improvements

Auckland Transport has been planning a new bus interchange in Te Atatū, with the location still to be determined. This project is currently on hold while they investigate other public transport options.

We will continue to work with Auckland Transport to make sure any future developments around public transport align with the values and character of the park.

When you can have your say

You can have your say from Monday 13 August to Sunday 9 September 2018.

This is your opportunity to have your say - we encourage you to read the draft plan and provide feedback on the projects outlined in the plan, and what you think should be a priority.

Your feedback will be used to inform the final version of the Harbourview-Orangihina Park Masterplan.

Let us know if you would like to speak your submission to the Henderson-Massey Local Board.