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Healthy Puketāpapa Community Prioritisation Plan

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About the Healthy Puketāpapa Community Prioritisation Plan

​Healthy Puketāpapa is a new health and well-being action plan for Puketāpapa.

It brings together agencies and the community to develop actions that will make a difference to the lives of people living in Puketāpapa.

This includes initiatives to target those who are most affected by harm or poor health.

Five priority areas of the Healthy Puketāpapa action plan

Wai/Water is the first and easiest choice

How we will achieve this:

  • Install new water fountains across Puketāpapa.
  • Introduce free water bottle refill stations across Puketāpapa.
  • Promote water first at all our events and facilities.
  • Promote tap water as our first choice of beverage.
  • Gather cultural stories of wai (water).
  • Instead of promoting sugary drinks marketing, promote water at places where tamariki and whānau meet.
  • Reduce plastic straw use in Puketāpapa.
  • Connect wai projects to other Healthy Puketāpapa projects.

Healthy kai/food for all

How we will achieve this:

We will develop a Puketāpapa Food Charter with businesses, schools and community to:

  • Encourage early childhood centres, schools and businesses to promote healthy options
  • Encourage food recycling and zero waste activities
  • Remove junk food marketing near tamariki settings
  • Work with partners to promote initiatives to create eco-neighbourhoods
  • Promote healthy kai choices in all our organisations, events and facilities

Encourage movement

How we will achieve this:

  • Create more greenways and cycleways throughout Puketāpapa.
  • Promote and develop public transport in Puketāpapa.
  • Ensure all park developments meet community needs.
  • Promote the connections between nature, physical activity and mental wellbeing.
  • Connect residents to Puketāpapa’s whenua/land and maunga/mountains to build pride and sense of belonging.
  • Promote physical activity at activities, events and in all local grants.
  • Connect residents to inter-generational opportunities to get moving that cater for our diverse community.

Healthy homes

How we will achieve this:

  • Promote Healthy Homes Standards.
  • Support healthy rental homes and higher quality social housing.
  • Support actions to create sustainable homes.
  • Create social cohesion projects that support communities in new housing areas.
  • Engage business partners, housing developers, schools and the community to create community centred housing.
  • Get Puketāpapa residents to define what is a healthy home to influence future actions.

Less use of harmful substances

How we will achieve this:

  • Get Puketāpapa communities to define the issues, priorities and solutions for alcohol, tobacco and drug harm reduction.
  • Promote alcohol-free, tobacco-free and drug-free Puketāpapa activities and events.
  • Use community advocacy to push for no more bottle stores in Puketāpapa.
  • Reduce alcohol sponsorship and advertising in Puketāpapa.
  • Introduce Smokefree Puketāpapa town centres and parks.
  • Use community engagement and cohesion projects to build inclusion and celebrate diversity.

What we want your feedback on

We'd like to know which of the five priority areas you consider most important.

We'd also like to hear from the community about which actions we should deal with first.

When you can have your say

You can have your say from 2 December to 31 December 2019.

Get a copy of the plan

Healthy Puketāpapa Action Plan — A Health and Wellbeing Action Plan 2019-2021

Healthy Puketāpapa Strategic Framework — A Strategic Health and Wellbeing Framework

Healthy Puketāpapa Summary — A Health and Wellbeing Plan for Puketāpapa 2019

What happens next

Consultation feedback will be presented to the Puketāpapa Local Board and shared with the coalition of agencies and community groups who are delivering Healthy Puketāpapa.