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Lake Pupuke Proposed Pathway

Closed for feedback

About the Lake Pupuke Proposed Pathway

This consultation ended on 23 October 2018, after generating a selection of excellent feedback from the community.

Thank you for your interest in this consultation.

Key themes

There were several identifiable themes in the submissions, including;

  • general access is limited as sections are frequently inundated from the lake, and there is a common concern over the unusually high water levels
  • continued protection of the birds and their habitat, and keeping the area tranquil, weed-free, and maintained
  • encouragement toward upgrading the existing boardwalk, and perhaps making this more accessible (less steps)
  • consider shifting the alignment of the pathway within Sylvan Park to accommodate events
  • overall review of the pathway surfacing and making it sympathetic to the natural feel of Lake Pupuke but considerate to disabled users.

What happens next

We will be making modifications to the draft concept plan based on the public feedback.

These changes will be refined by further consultation in early 2019 with all interested parties and the local board.

At this stage, we have not made a final decision.

If you have any further questions, email