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Luckens Reserve Concept Design Masterplan


Luckens Reserve Concept Design Masterplan

This consultation closed on 30 April 2020. Thank you for having your say.

We have collated all the feedback received during the consultation into a report and concept design for the Luckens Reserve Concept Design Masterplan.

This report was presented to the Upper Harbour Local Board at a workshop on 12 September 2020.

What happens next

  • The masterplan will be formally adopted before Christmas 2020.
  • Stage One of the masterplan will be delivered in 2021.
  • The masterplan will guide the development of Stage Two and Stage Three.
  • Additional public consultation will take place before Stage Two and Three.

Get a copy of the concept design and masterplan

Luckens Reserve is a significant park in West Harbour that is currently underused due to flooding and drainage issues, unusable existing amenities (such as the half basketball court and half pipe) and poor connections between play equipment.

A concept design for the reserve has been developed for the Upper Harbour Local Board.

What we'd like your feedback on

We are seeking feedback from the community on the concept design and development stages of Luckens Reserve and also want to know the community's priorities on play space development opportunities.

Proposed stages for development

There are three proposed stages for the redevelopment of Luckens Reserve:

Stage One – Currently in progress

This section of the redevelopment has been allocated as Stage 1 due to the severe flooding and accessibility issues on site.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Mitigating the flooding issue within the park by improving the drainage in some areas
  • Upgrading the path network
  • Use of water sensitive plants in certain areas which will help with drainage issues and mitigate flooding over our footpaths and other park assets.

Stage Two – Upgrading the play space

Including pre-school to school aged play and youth/young adult play or nature play.

We are seeking feedback on what type of play space you most want to see.

Stage Three – Upgrading the wider reserve area

We are seeking feedback on what type of activities you want to pursue at the reserve and what is most important to you to see happen with the wider reserve.

When you can have your say

You can have your say until 30 April 2020.