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Tawaipareira Reserve proposed concept plan

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About the Tawaipareira Reserve proposed concept plan

We are working with Ngāti Pāoa to redevelop Tawaipareira Reserve in Ostend Road, Waiheke Island.

We want to create a unique park that has something for everyone.

The design will focus on adding facilities for youth and families, as well as encouraging active lifestyles within the community.

Proposed facilities include:

  • a playground
  • two basketball half courts
  • a renewed skate park
  • an informal dirt BMX track
  • a renewed learn-to-ride path
  • a circular walking path
  • a centralised picnic area.

We will deliver this project in stages, beginning by resurfacing and improving the existing skate park in 2020.

Have your say

We'd like you to tell us what you think about the proposed concept plan.

We want you to tell us:

  • what you currently use this reserve for
  • what skate elements you would most like to see in the renewed skate park
  • what kind of play equipment you'd like to see
  • if you'd like gymnastic exercise equipment at the reserve
  • if you have any other comments about the proposed layout or any of the other developments.

Get a copy of the concept plan

When you can have your say

You can have your say from 28 June to 26 July 2019.

You can fill in the online form, or you can visit us on Saturday 6 July at the reserve between 9.30am and 12.30pm before the annual Skate Competition. 

​This consultation closed on 26 July 2019. Thank you for having your say.

We're currently analysing your feedback and making changes to the final plan.

We hope to formally adopt the concept plan in August 2019.