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Draft Warkworth Structure Plan

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About the Draft Warkworth Structure Plan

Warkworth has been identified in the Auckland Plan as an area where there will be a lot of residential and employment growth over the next 20 years.

To plan for this growth, we have developed a draft structure plan for the town.

This draft plan has been created after months of research, engagement, and input from the local community.

We now want you to have your say on the draft Warkworth Structure Plan.

What the structure plan sets out

A structure plan is a high-level document that guides an area's future urban development, showing future land uses and layout of infrastructure.

Around 1000 hectares of land in Warkworth has been zoned as Future Urban, and the land is expected to eventually accommodate a population of around 20,000 people.

The draft Warkworth Structure Plan looks at:

  • protecting and restoring areas of environmental value, like streams and bush
  • new residential areas - both low and high density
  • new business areas
  • new road and public transport networks
  • a walking and cycling network around the town
  • new parks
  • other infrastructure like wastewater, power supply, additional schools and healthcare.

What the structure plan doesn't cover

Rezoning land

The draft Warkworth Structure Plan will form the basis of a change to the Unitary Plan, but as it is not a statutory document, it doesn't actually rezone the land.

This will happen when there is a Plan Change to the Unitary Plan, which will happen once the Structure Plan is adopted.

Hill Street

While the draft plan looks at improvements to the transport network around Warkworth, it doesn't specifically look at the project to upgrade Hill Street.

Auckland Transport and NZTA are currently investigating future improvements to the road. You can read more about the project at the NZTA website.

When you can have your say

You can have your say from 25 February to 25 March 2019.

Your feedback will inform the final Structure Plan, which will go to the Planning Committee meeting in June 2019.

Once the Structure Plan is adopted, a Plan Change to rezone 'Warkworth North' will be prepared and notified for public submissions.