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Warkworth Structure Plan

Closed for formal submissions

Have your say through workshops

Warkworth Structure Plan

Thank you for your response to the consultation on the Warkworth Structure Plan in April.

We received more than 200 pieces of written feedback and comments from our consultation events.

You gave us some useful ideas and we were able to draw out some themes of what you value as Warkworth grows.

We have reviewed and updated our topic papers where required, and we will make these available in the consultation documents section.

Community Structure Plan workshops

We are keen to hear from you about how you'd like to see the Future Urban zone grow around Warkworth.

If you have an interest in the future of Warkworth, please come to one of the upcoming Community Structure Plan workshops.

In these workshops, you will be able to create a map of where you would like to see different land uses (residential, business, parks etc), and supporting infrastructure.

There will be two workshops held in the Warkworth Town Hall. These sessions will be the same, so you only need to attend one.

​Thursday 28 June 2018​6pm-9pmRegister here
​Saturday 30 June 2018​9am-12pmRegister here

After the workshops in June, we will review all the ideas generated. A follow up meeting will be held in July/ August to summarise the main results and to outline some of the emerging preferred transport options for Warkworth.

We can then work with internal specialists to further analyse the feedback and come up with a draft structure plan.

Once the draft plan and its supporting information is complete, we will release it for public feedback.