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Draft Warkworth Structure Plan

Closed for feedback

About the Draft Warkworth Structure Plan

​This consultation closed on 25 March 2019. Thank you for having your say.

We received a total of 219 submissions on the draft plan.

The final plan was adopted on 4 June 2019.

You can see the plan on the Draft Warkworth Structure Plan - consultation documents page.


Consultation feedback

Key themes

Overall, there was an even level of support and opposition for the plan. The general comments were mainly around:

  • transport
  • the scope of the plan
  • new open spaces
  • new facilities sought
  • business land
  • generally ensuring infrastructure is provided before growth is enabled.

Industrial land

Feedback showed people wanted less new industrial land in the area. There were also concerns about proximity of industrial land to houses and streams.

Green space

The feedback showed strong support for the:

  • Green Network concept
  • walking and cycling plans
  • indicative parks.

Two-thirds of respondents supported retaining Morrison’s Orchard as a feature of the town.

Land uses (future zoning)

There was some support for the proposed land use in the draft plan but also a high number of requests for site or area specific changes.

Rezoning requests for site-specific issues were generally accepted if they stuck to the zoning principles in the plan and the overall land use layout for the wider town.

Other rezoning requests were not supported because they did not meet this criteria.

Urban zones

There were a number of requests to change the sequencing of the future urban zone areas.

These were generally requesting that the Warkworth North East area be brought forward. There was also mixed feedback about the best timing for the Viv Davie-Martin Drive area.

The final Warkworth Structure Plan does not bring forward any development areas requested through feedback. This is due to the significant infrastructure funding issue combined with the council’s approach set out in the Auckland Unitary Plan and Auckland Plan development strategy.

The staging in the Warkworth Structure Plan remains as it does in the council’s Future Urban Land Supply Strategy