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Auckland Council

Size and layout of a food business site

Te rahi me te takoto o te wāhi pakihi mahi kai

Your food business site must be designed so that you can prepare food safely.

What you need to consider for the size and layout of your food business site

  • Ensure your staff, visitors and food can move in a way that prevents or manages the risk of contaminating the food.
  • Provide adequate floor space for workers - this is essential for better operation and easier cleaning.
  • Have enough bench space for food preparation, cooling and reheating.
  • Separate areas to prevent cross contamination of food. This includes cooked and uncooked food and storage of dry goods. For the kitchen and preparation and storage areas, consider:
    • food storage
    • a wash up area
    • a cooking and preparation area
    • a dry preparation area
    • refrigeration and freezers.
  • Provide adequate toilet facilities, for staff and customers, that do not open directly into a food area.
  • Store chemicals and cleaning equipment separately.
  • Provide waste handling facilities and storage space for rubbish, waste cooking oil and recyclable materials.
  • Install fly screens on doors and windows to control insects, birds and other food pests.