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Air Quality Bylaw for Indoor Domestic Fires 2017

This bylaw promotes the responsible use of home fireplaces and flued burners for space heating, water heating and cooking.

What the Air Quality Bylaw for Domestic Indoor Fires does

This bylaw requires new fireplaces, wood burners or other flued burners to meet regional design standards (see clause six of the Air Quality Bylaw for Domestic Indoor Fires) in addition to the national standards set out on the Ministry for the Environment website.

Under this bylaw you must not burn:

  • wet wood
  • wood and wood products that are painted, tanalised or treated
  • fuel with a high sulphur content (for example high sulphur coal)
  • rubbish or green waste
  • any other material that could cause a smoke, smell or ash nuisance to your neighbours.

Get a copy of the Air Quality Bylaw for Domestic Indoor Fires

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