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Development areas progress

What are development areas?

Development areas are a comprehensive approach to servicing anticipated growth across the existing urban area. They are specific locations where a significant amount of housing and employment growth is anticipated over the next 30 years and are sequenced based on when this growth is most likely to occur.

These areas were identified based on factors such as their ability to accommodate growth and leverage off committed infrastructure projects.

Planning and investment will be targeted when growth at scale occurs. They are sequenced in either Years 1-3, Years 4-10 or Years 11-30 depending on the timing of committed infrastructure investment and when large-scale growth is anticipated to occur.

Highlights in the development areas for the 2020/2021 reporting year are:

  • 6,143 dwellings were consented, which is a 44 per cent increase from the previous reporting year. This is 40 per cent of dwellings consented in the existing urban area
  • 80 per cent of dwellings consented in development areas were apartments and townhouses.

Development areas breakdown

  • A total of 2069 dwellings were consented in development areas sequenced for years 1 to 3 (2018-2020).
  • Slightly more (2804) dwellings were consented in development areas sequenced for years 4 to 10 of the strategy.
  • 1270 dwellings in areas are sequenced for years 11 to 30.

The reasons for this pattern of development will require further investigation and ongoing monitoring.

Dwelling typology

In 2020/2021 more intensive housing, such as apartments and townhouses, made up 80 per cent of dwellings consented in development areas, while standalone houses made up 19 per cent.

In comparison, the previous reporting year recorded 69 per cent for intensive housing and 30 per cent for houses.

This is an 11 per cent shift from houses to more intensive housing types.

This shows an increasing preference for higher intensity development in development areas.

Dwellings consented in development areas, by dwelling type, 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021

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