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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

What's new

The plan is a 'living plan' that will evolve to address emerging or changing issues, as well as reflect updated data and evidence. As local, national and international conditions and circumstances change and affect Auckland, the Auckland Plan will need to adapt. This approach of a 'living plan' will not change the strategic direction, but will allow it to remain current and relevant.

New and revised data, links to new government or Auckland-based policy, and examples of delivery programmes and innovative projects will be added to this page in regular updates so that it remains up to date and relevant.


November 2018 update

This first update covers:

  • central government reform relevant to directions in the plan
  • updates to the plan to reflect new sets of information and data
  • a new baseline measures report
  • changes to the plan in response to feedback.

Central government reform relevant to the plan

Recent central government reforms and initiatives related to housing indicate the Auckland Plan 2050 is providing a strong strategic direction for advocacy.


Homes and Places outcome

Reform of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

The proposed reforms, released for feedback in August 2018, are designed to improve security and stability for tenants. They maintain adequate protection of landlords’ interests. The reform also sets out to improve quality standards of boarding houses. The proposals are consistent with the Homes and Places outcome which recognises the reality of renting for many Aucklanders and the need for security of tenure.

In particular, the proposals are consistent with Homes and Places - Focus area 2: Increase security of tenure and broaden the range of tenure models, particularly for those most in need.

Healthy Homes Standards

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development released the Healthy Homes Standards discussion document in September. It proposed changes to raise minimum quality standards for rental homes. This proposal would ensure that rental homes are warm and dry. This is consistent with the intent of the Homes and Places outcome which recognises the need to increase the quality of existing rental homes. In particular, this is consistent with:

Data and evidence updates

Belonging and Participation outcome

The plan includes data from the Quality of Life survey which measures the perceptions of over 7,000 New Zealanders by council area. The results of the 2018 Quality of Life survey have been released recently and updated in the plan.

The Belonging and participation outcome - Direction 1: Foster an inclusive Auckland where everyone belongs uses data from this survey. These updates are shown below.

​Development Strategy

The data showing new residential dwellings consented for 2017/2018 has been released. Auckland’s capacity for growth uses annual consented dwellings data.

This data is used to show recent patterns in

  • residential dwellings by type (detached/attached)
  • and whether inside or outside the 2010 Metropolitan Urban Limit.

The information in the plan has been updated to reflect the latest data.

​Baseline measures

The Auckland Plan 2050 identifies 33 measures to track progress of the plan. In November 2018 the Baseline measures report was presented to Auckland Council’s Planning Committee.

The Baseline measures report sets out the status of the 33 measures in the plan:

  • 16 measures have final 2018 baseline data sets
  • 10 measures will have final data sets available in 2019
  • 6 measures need further development of their data sets
  • 1 measure has been changed.

The Measuring progress section of the plan has been updated with information about the baseline measures.

Find out more information about the measures for the outcomes and the Development Strategy:

Under development

Five measures in the Environment and Cultural Heritage outcome need further development. Environmental data is currently collected and reported through different mechanisms for different needs and users. Composite measures (that combine different components of current reporting) are being developed.

One measure in the Homes and Places outcome is under development. This measure is about “homelessness”. An appropriate data set for homelessness will be drawn from the cross-sectoral Homelessness plan once it is finalised.

Changed measure

The “Benefits of whānau Māori measured through tamariki and rangatahi” measure in the Māori Identity and Wellbeing outcome has been changed to “Whānau wellbeing”. Data sets for this changed measure will be more readily available.


Responding to feedback

Users of the plan have asked that data on the population of Auckland be more visible, particularly in the Auckland’s population page of the plan. In response to that feedback, the latest estimates have now been included on that page. As at 30 June 2017, the estimated population for the Auckland region was 1.66 million.