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Auckland Council

Protecting our environment

Te tiaki i tō tātou taiao

​Addressing pests, weeds and diseases

We are implementing a much increased programme of environmental initiatives to address the spread of pests, weeds and diseases that are threatening many of our native species.


​Activity​Programmes​Split of additional funding
​Pest control​Management of pest plants and animals, including on parks, regional programmes, spread to islands, freshwater​40% ($124.4m)
​Islands (Kawau, Waiheke, Aotea)​Pest eradication - Waiheke and Kawau multi-species​6% ($18.7m)
​Kauri​Research, community engagement, hygiene stations​22% ($68.4m)
​Kauri​Capex track upgrades, installation of vehicle wash downs​14% ($43.5m)
​Marine biosecurity​Marine Biosecurity pathway management and response​1% ($3.1m)
​Grant funding​Regional Ecological and Natural Heritage fund to support community action​4% ($12.4m)
​Pest Free Auckland   ​Community engagement programme to support trapping, data management, grants, monitoring and reporting​9% ($28m)
​Pest Free Auckland​CAPEX - Traps, data systems, telemetry​1% ($3.1m)
​Marine ecology​Habitats - survey and evaluation​1% ($3.1m)
​Marine ecology​Seabirds - implement monitoring and restoration​1% ($3.1m)


Expected outcomes of the pest and weed management programmes

These projects will make a significant difference in a number of key areas.

We expect to be able to reduce the risk of Kauri dieback disease spreading, from 80 per cent to 15 to 25 per cent.

The number of significant ecological sites within council parks that have adequate control of pests and weeds will more than double, rural possum control will also be significantly increased.

How we will pay for this

To pay for this programme we are introducing a targeted rate which will enable $311 million investment over the 10 years.

This rate will be set based on property value. For the average residential ratepayer, it will cost $47 per year. For the average business ratepayer, it will cost $219 per year.