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Auckland Council

Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part

Download the Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part (updated 30 May 2019).

The Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part (updated 30 May 2019) has been split into small-sized PDFs for efficient downloading.

Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part maps


Table of contents PDF (113KB)

Further provisions made operative 15 March 2019 PDF (16KB)
Plan change 8 Operative 1 March 2019 PDF (18KB)
Further provisions made operative 26 February 2019 PDF (50KB)
Plan Change 4 Operative in part 26 October 2018 PDF (12KB)
Plan Change 11 Operative 26 October 2018 PDF (14KB)
Further provisions made operative 28 September 2018 PDF (297KB)
Further provisions made operative 29 June 2018 PDF (58KB)
Further provisions made operative 31 May 2018 PDF (129KB)
Further provisions made operative 8 March 2018 PDF (289KB)
Further provisions made operative 22 February 2018 PDF (294KB)
Further provisions made operative 19 October 2017 PDF (290KB)
Operative in part 15 November 2016 PDF (274KB)

Notes on plan annotation PDF (36KB)

Chapter A Introduction PDF (113KB)

B1 Ngā take matua ā-rohe - Issues of regional significance PDF (85KB)
B2 Tāhuhu whakaruruhau ā-taone - Urban growth and form PDF (145KB)
B3 Ngā pūnaha hanganga, kawekawe me ngā pūngao - Infrastructure, transport and energy PDF (79KB)
B4 Te tiaki taonga tuku iho - Natural heritage PDF (84KB)
B5 Ngā rawa tuku iho me te āhua - Historic heritage and special character PDF (55KB)
B6 Mana Whenua PDF (241KB)
B7 Toitū te whenua, toitū te taiao - Natural resources PDF (160KB)
B8 Toitū te taiwhenua - Coastal environment PDF (162KB)
B9 Toitū te tuawhenua - Rural environment PDF (75KB)
B10 Ngā tūpono ki te taiao - Environmental risk PDF (102KB)
B11 Monitoring and environmental results anticipated PDF (63KB)

C1 General rules PDF (63KB)

D1 High-use Aquifer Management Areas Overlay PDF (49KB)
D2 Quality-sensitive Aquifer Management Areas Overlay PDF (37KB)
D3 High-use Stream Management Areas Overlay PDF (41KB)
D4 Natural Stream Management Areas Overlay PDF (13KB)
D5 Natural Lake Management Areas Overlay PDF (34KB)
D6 Urban Lake Management Areas Overlay PDF (14KB)
D7 Water Supply Management Areas Overlay PDF (81KB)
D8 Wetland Management Areas Overlay PDF (15KB)
D9 Significant Ecological Areas Overlay PDF (66KB)

D10 Outstanding Natural Features Overlay and Outstanding Natural Landscapes Overlay PDF (69KB)
D11 Outstanding Natural Character and High Natural Character Overlay PDF (76KB)
D12 Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Overlay PDF (2194KB)
D13 Notable Trees Overlay PDF (47KB)
D14 Volcanic Viewshafts and Height Sensitive Areas Overlay PDF (142KB)
D15 Ridgeline Protection Overlay PDF (41KB)
D16 Local Public Views Overlay PDF (28KB)

D17 Historic Heritage Overlay PDF (168KB)
D18 Special Character Areas Overlay - Residential and Business PDF (212KB)
D19 Auckland War Memorial Museum Viewshaft Overlay PDF (448KB)
D20 Deleted

D21 Sites and Places of Significance to Mana Whenua Overlay PDF (55KB)

D22 Identified Growth Corridor Overlay PDF (37KB)

D23 Airport Approach Surface Overlay PDF (567KB)
D24 Aircraft Noise Overlay PDF (222KB)
D25 City Centre Port Noise Overlay PDF (34KB)
D26 National Grid Corridor Overlay PDF (71KB)
D27 Quarry Buffer Area Overlay PDF (27KB)

E1 Water quality and integrated management PDF (75KB)
E2 Water quantity, allocation and use PDF (104KB)
E3 Lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands PDF (149KB)
E4 Other discharges of contaminants PDF (437KB)
E5 On-site and small scale wastewater treatment and disposal PDF (66KB)
E6 Wastewater network management PDF (86KB)
E7 Taking, using, damming and diversion of water and drilling PDF (135KB)
E8 Stormwater - Discharge and diversion PDF (83KB)
E9 Stormwater quality - High contaminant generating car parks and high use roads PDF (60KB)
E10 Stormwater management area - Flow 1 and Flow 2 PDF (162KB)
E11 Land disturbance - Regional PDF (138KB)
E12 Land disturbance - District PDF (196KB)
E13 Cleanfills, managed fills and landfills PDF (56KB)
E14 Air quality PDF (249KB)
E15 Vegetation management and biodiversity PDF (129KB)
E16 Trees in open space zones PDF (27KB)
E17 Trees in roads PDF (43KB)
E18 Natural character of the coastal environment PDF (17KB)
E19 Natural features and natural landscapes in the coastal environment PDF (16KB)

E20 Māori Land PDF (94KB)
E21 Treaty Settlement Land PDF (160KB)

E22 Artworks PDF (23KB)
E23 Signs PDF (87KB)
E24 Lighting PDF (59KB)
E25 Noise and vibration PDF (236KB)

E26 Infrastructure PDF (560KB)
E27 Transport PDF (573KB)
E28 Mineral extraction from land PDF (24KB)
E29 Emergency management area - Hazardous facilities and infrastructure PDF (626KB)

E30 Contaminated land PDF (67KB)
E31 Hazardous substances PDF (95KB)
E32 Biosolids PDF (37KB)
E33 Industrial and trade activities PDF (123KB)
E34 Agrichemicals and vertebrate toxic agents PDF (75KB)
E35 Rural production discharges PDF (72KB)
E36 Natural hazards and flooding PDF (180KB)
E37 Genetically modified organisms PDF (60KB)

E38 Subdivision - Urban PDF (474KB)
E39 Subdivision - Rural PDF (214KB)

E40 Temporary activities PDF (69KB)

F1 Introduction to the regional coastal plan PDF (32KB)
F2 Coastal - General Coastal Marine Zone PDF (576KB)
F3 Coastal - Marina Zone PDF (144KB)
F4 Coastal - Mooring Zone and moorings outside the Coastal - Mooring Zone PDF (50KB)
F5 Coastal - Minor Port Zone PDF (105KB)
F6 Coastal - Ferry Terminal Zone PDF (83KB)
F7 Coastal - Defence Zone PDF (66KB)
F8 Coastal - Coastal Transition Zone PDF (112KB)
F9 Vehicles on beaches PDF (33KB)

G1 Rural Urban Boundary PDF (9KB)

H1 Residential - Large Lot Zone PDF (78KB)
H2 Residential - Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone PDF (115KB)
H3 Residential - Single House Zone PDF (127KB)
H4 Residential - Mixed Housing Suburban Zone PDF (254KB)
H5 Residential - Mixed Housing Urban Zone PDF (254KB)
H6 Residential - Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone PDF (268KB)
H7 Open Space zones PDF (116KB)
H8 Business - City Centre Zone PDF (1521KB)
H9 Business - Metropolitan Centre Zone PDF (262KB)
H10 Business - Town Centre Zone PDF (241KB)
H11 Business - Local Centre Zone PDF (211KB)
H12 Business - Neighbourhood Centre Zone PDF (215KB)
H13 Business - Mixed Use Zone PDF (248KB)
H14 Business - General Business Zone PDF (172KB)
H15 Business - Business Park Zone PDF (205KB)
H16 Business - Heavy Industry Zone PDF (83KB)
H17 Business - Light Industry Zone PDF (87KB)
H18 Future Urban Zone PDF (87KB)
H19 Rural zones PDF (240KB)
H20 Rural - Waitākere Foothills Zone PDF (103KB)
H21 Rural - Waitākere Ranges Zone PDF (98KB)
H22 Strategic Transport Corridor Zone PDF (50KB)
H23 Special Purpose - Airports and Airfields Zone PDF (8KB)
H24 Special Purpose - Cemetery Zone PDF (34KB)
H25 Special Purpose - Healthcare Facility and Hospital Zone PDF (144KB)
H26 Special Purpose - Major Recreation Facility Zone PDF (61KB)
H27 Special Purpose - Māori Purpose Zone PDF (158KB)
H28 Special Purpose - Quarry Zone PDF (152KB)
H29 Special Purpose - School Zone PDF (48KB)
H30 Special Purpose - Tertiary Education Zone PDF (45KB)

I1 Financial contributions PDF (13KB)

I100 Boat Building Precinct PDF (39KB)
I101 Motorsport Precinct PDF (57KB)
I102 Rowing and Paddling Precinct PDF (22KB)
I103 Waitematā Navigation Channel Precinct PDF (43KB)

I200 Arts, Civic and Entertainment Precinct PDF (464KB)
I201 Britomart Precinct PDF (376KB)
I202 Central Wharves Precinct PDF (1589KB)
I203 City Centre Residential Precinct PDF (124KB)
I204 Cook Street Depot Precinct PDF (209KB)
I205 Downtown West Precinct PDF (335KB)
I206 Karangahape Road Precinct PDF (847KB)
I207 Learning Precinct PDF (741KB)
I208 Port Precinct PDF (426KB)
I209 Quay Park Precinct PDF (671KB)
I210 Queen Street Valley Precinct PDF (462KB)
I211 Viaduct Harbour Precinct PDF (661KB)
I212 Victoria Park Market Precinct PDF (294KB)
I213 Westhaven - Tāmaki Herenga Waka Precinct PDF (364KB)
I214 Wynyard Precinct PDF (1409KB)
I214.11.1 Wynyard Precinct Appendix PDF (88KB)

I300 Alexandra Park Precinct PDF (255KB)
I301 ASB Showgrounds Precinct PDF (237KB)
I302 ASB Tennis Arena Precinct PDF (263KB)
I303 Auckland War Memorial Museum Precinct PDF (152KB)
I304 Auckland Zoo Precinct PDF (158KB)
I305 Avondale 1 Precinct PDF (211KB)
I306 Avondale 2 Precinct PDF (151KB)
I307 Avondale Racecourse Precinct PDF (233KB)
I308 Central Park Precinct PDF (1844KB)
I309 Cornwall Park Precinct PDF (170KB)
I310 Eden Park Precinct PDF (354KB)
I311 Ellerslie 1 Precinct PDF (1126KB)
I312 Ellerslie 2 Precinct PDF (485KB)
I313 Ellerslie Racecourse Precinct PDF (250KB)
I314 Epsom Precinct PDF (547KB)
I315 Gabador Place Precinct PDF (50KB)
I316 Grafton Precinct PDF (43KB)
I317 Hillsborough Precinct PDF (713KB)
I318 Monte Cecilia Precinct PDF (38KB)
I319 MOTAT Precinct PDF (148KB)
I320 Mount Albert 2 Precinct PDF (714KB)
I321 Mount Smart Stadium Precinct PDF (499KB)
I322 Mount Wellington 5 Precinct PDF (413KB)
I323 Observatory Precinct PDF (91KB)
I324 Ōkahu Bay Precinct PDF (62KB)
I325 Ōkahu Marine Precinct PDF (80KB)
I326 Ōrākei 1 Precinct PDF (621KB)
I327 Ōrākei 2 Precinct PDF (294KB)
I328 Ōrākei Point Precinct PDF (435KB)
I329 Saint Heliers Precinct PDF (245KB)
I330 Saint Lukes Precinct PDF (571KB)
I331 St John's Theological College Precinct PDF (165KB)
I332 Tāmaki Precinct PDF (72KB)
I333 Three Kings Precinct PDF (973KB)
I334 Wairaka Precinct PDF (520KB)
I335 Western Springs Stadium Precinct PDF (180KB)
I336 Sylvia Park Precinct PDF (1004KB)
I336 Sylvia Park Precinct Appendix PDF (3530KB)
I337 Riddell Road Precinct PDF (112KB)

I400 Ardmore 3 Precinct PDF (84KB)
I401 Ardmore Airport Precinct PDF (53KB)
I402 Auckland Airport Precinct PDF (268KB)
I403 Beachlands 1 Precinct PDF (589KB)
I403.11.1 Beachlands 1 Precinct Appendix PDF (2955KB)
I404 Beachlands 2 Precinct PDF (662KB)
I405 Big Bay Precinct PDF (345KB)
I406 Bombay 1 Precinct PDF (110KB)
I407 Bruce Pulman Park Precinct PDF (247KB)
I408 Clevedon Precinct PDF (472KB)
I409 Clevedon Waterways Precinct PDF (441KB)
I410 Drury South Industrial Precinct PDF (3030KB)
I410.11.1 Drury South Industrial Appendix PDF (2482KB)
I411 ECOLight Stadium Precinct PDF (280KB)
I412 Flat Bush Precinct PDF (1159KB)
I413 Franklin A&P Showgrounds Precinct PDF (160KB)
I414 Franklin Trotting Club Precinct PDF (180KB)
I415 Glenbrook Steel Mill Precinct PDF (176KB)
I416 Karaka 1 Precinct PDF (447KB)
I417 Karaka North Precinct PDF (275KB)
I418 Kingseat Precinct PDF (990KB)
I418.11.5 Kingseat Precinct Appendix PDF (1702KB)
I419 Mana Whenua Management Precinct PDF (45KB)
I420 Māngere 1 Precinct PDF (391KB)
I421 Māngere 2 Precinct PDF (59KB)
I422 Māngere Gateway Precinct PDF (415KB)
I423 Māngere Puhinui Precinct PDF (68KB)
I424 Manukau 2 Precinct PDF (100KB)
I425 Manukau Precinct PDF (173KB)
I426 Matingarahi Precinct PDF (513KB)
I427 Pacific Events Centre Precinct PDF (151KB)
I428 Papakura Precinct PDF (109KB)
I429 Pararēkau and Kopuahingahinga Island Precinct PDF (62KB)
I430 Patamahoe Precinct PDF (490KB)
I431 Pine Harbour Precinct PDF (155KB)
I432 Puhinui Precinct PDF (846KB)
I433 Pukekohe Hill Precinct PDF (148KB)
I434 Pukekohe Park Precinct PDF (105KB)
I435 Pukewairiki Precinct PDF (200KB)
I436 Rosella Road Precinct PDF (53KB)
I437 Runciman Precinct PDF (975KB)
I438 Takanini Precinct PDF (343KB)
I439 Waiuku Precinct PDF (151KB)
I440 Wattle Bay Precinct PDF (163KB)
I441 Whitford Precinct PDF (1121KB)
I442 Whitford Village Precinct PDF (522KB)

I500 Albany 3 Precinct PDF (475KB)
I501 Albany 9 Precinct PDF (69KB)
I502 Albany Centre Precinct PDF (1935KB)
I503 AUT MIS Precinct PDF (147KB)
I504 Bayswater Marina Precinct PDF (66KB)
I505 Chelsea Precinct PDF (687KB)
I506 Dairy Flat Precinct PDF (852KB)
I506.11.2 Dairy Flat Precinct Appendix PDF (284KB)
I507 Devonport Naval Base Precinct PDF (135KB)
I508 Devonport Peninsula Precinct PDF (496KB)
I509 Greenhithe Precinct PDF (48KB)
I510 Gulf Harbour Marina Precinct PDF (43KB)
I511 Hatfields Precinct PDF (319KB)
I512 HMNZ Dockyard Precinct PDF (275KB)
I513 Kaipara Flats Airfield Precinct PDF (321KB)
I514 Kakanui Point Precinct PDF (37KB)
I515 Kawau Island Precinct PDF (69KB)
I516 Kumeū Precinct PDF (200KB)
I517 Kumeū Showgrounds Precinct PDF (286KB)
I518 Leigh Marine Laboratory Precinct PDF (151KB)
I519 Long Bay Precinct PDF (1002KB)
I520 Martins Bay Precinct PDF (161KB)
I521 Matakana 1 Precinct PDF (152KB)
I522 Matakana 2 Precinct PDF (278KB)
I523 Matakana 3 Precinct PDF (267KB)
I524 North Harbour Stadium and Domain Precinct PDF (169KB)
I525 North Shore Airport Precinct PDF (160KB)
I526 North Shore Events Centre Precinct PDF (138KB)
I528 Ōmaha South Precinct PDF (328KB)
I529 Ōrewa 1 Precinct PDF (310KB)
I529.11 Ōrewa 1 Precinct Appendix PDF (2848KB)
I530 Ōrewa 2 Precinct PDF (444KB)
I531 Ōrewa 3 Precinct PDF (192KB)
I532 Pinewoods Precinct PDF (97KB)
I533 Red Beach Precinct PDF (390KB)
I534 Riverhead 3 Precinct PDF (267KB)
I535 Rodney Landscape Precinct PDF (53KB)
I536 Silverdale 2 Precinct PDF (235KB)
I537 Silverdale 3 Precinct PDF (192KB)
I538 Smales 1 Precinct PDF (151KB)
I539 Smales 2 Precinct PDF (130KB)
I540 Takapuna 1 Precinct PDF (292KB)
I541 Te Arai North Precinct PDF (147KB)
I542 Te Arai South Precinct PDF (226KB)
I543 Waimana Point Precinct PDF (189KB)
I544 Wainui Precinct PDF (421KB)
I545 Waiwera Precinct PDF (643KB)
I546 Warkworth 3 Precinct PDF (293KB)
I547 Wēiti Precinct PDF (1309KB)
I548 Whangaparāoa Precinct PDF (343KB)
I549 Akoranga Precinct PDF (340KB)
I550 Millwater South Precinct PDF (927KB)
I551 Highgate Precinct PDF (385KB)
[ENV-2016-AKL-000211: Okura Holdings Limited] – Add Okura Precinct PDF (38KB)

I600 Babich Precinct PDF (320KB)
I601 Bethells Precinct PDF (188KB)
I602 Birdwood Precinct PDF (212KB)
I603 Hobsonville Corridor Precinct PDF (399KB)
I604 Hobsonville Marina Precinct PDF (405KB)
I605 Hobsonville Point Precinct PDF (1672KB)
I605.11 Hobsonville Point Precinct Appendix PDF (721KB)
I606 Lincoln Precinct PDF (172KB)
I607 New Lynn Precinct PDF (257KB)
I608 Ōrātia Village Precinct PDF (469KB)
I609 Penihana North Precinct PDF (520KB)
I610 Redhills Precinct PDF (288KB)
I611 Swanson North Precinct PDF (1146KB)
I612 Te Henga Precinct PDF (504KB)
I613 Trusts Arena Precinct PDF (176KB)
I614 Wainamu Precinct PDF (148KB)
I615 Westgate Precinct PDF (377KB)
PC5 (See modifications) [I616 New Precinct Proposed]

Understanding Special Housing Areas PDF (43KB)
Ardmore 2 PDF (1449KB)
Birdwood 2 PDF (1342KB)
Clarks Beach PDF (405KB)
Drury 1 PDF (673KB)
Drury South Residential Precinct PDF (619KB)
Flat Bush Sub-precinct C PDF (613KB)
Franklin 2 PDF (805KB)
Glenbrook 3 PDF (845KB)
Hingaia 1 PDF (352KB)
Hingaia 2 PDF (278KB)
Hingaia 3 PDF (292KB)
Hobsonville Point sub-precinct F PDF (31KB)
Huapai 2 PDF (1247KB)
Huapai Triangle PDF (360KB)
Mangere Gateway Sub-precinct E PDF (1306KB)
Opaheke 1 PDF (976KB)
Scott Point PDF (412KB)
Whenuapai 1 PDF (1322KB)
Whenuapai 2 PDF (732KB)

J1 Definitions PDF (631KB)

Using Chapter K PDF (95KB)

Airways Corporation of New Zealand Ltd PDF(740KB)
Ardmore Airport Ltd PDF(508KB)
Auckland Council PDF(3838KB)
Auckland International Airport Ltd PDF(5825KB)
Auckland Transport PDF(4985KB)
Chorus New Zealand Ltd PDF(1251KB)
City Rail Link Ltd PDF(1648KB)
Counties Power Ltd PDF(515KB)
First Gas Ltd PDF(259KB)
Kiwi Rail Holdings Ltd PDF(333KB)
Kordia Ltd PDF(1051KB)
Maritime New Zealand PDF(47KB)
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd PDF(68KB)
Minister for Children PDF(70KB)
Minister of Corrections PDF(1772KB)
Minister for Courts PDF(255KB)
Minister of Defence PDF(3840KB)
Minister of Education PDF(2262KB)
Minister of Immigration PDF(46KB)
Minister of Police PDF(322KB)
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment PDF(369KB)
New Zealand Railways Corporation (KiwiRail) PDF(774KB)
New Zealand Refining Company Ltd PDF(113KB)
New Zealand Transport Agency PDF(11314KB)
Prime Minister PDF(98KB)
Radio New Zealand Ltd PDF(81KB)
Spark New Zealand Trading Ltd PDF(1481KB)
Television New Zealand Ltd PDF(688KB)
Transpower New Zealand Ltd PDF(3289KB)
Vector Ltd PDF(2085KB)
Watercare Services Ltd PDF(39744KB)
Wiri Oil Services Ltd PDF(716KB)

Schedule 1 Wetland Management Areas Schedule PDF (197KB)
Schedule 2 Natural Lake Management Areas Schedule PDF (85KB)
Schedule 3 Significant Ecological Areas - Terrestrial Schedule PDF (443KB)
Schedule 4 Significant Ecological Areas - Marine Schedule PDF (636KB)
Schedule 5 Significant Ecological Areas - Marine where mangroves are a minor component or absent PDF (22KB)
Schedule 6 Outstanding Natural Features Overlay Schedule PDF (426KB)
Schedule 7 Outstanding Natural Landscapes Overlay Schedule PDF (505KB)
Schedule 8 Outstanding Natural Character and High Natural Character Overlay Schedule PDF (1542KB)
Schedule 9 Volcanic Viewshafts Schedule PDF (226KB)
Schedule 10 Notable Trees Schedule PDF (1765KB)
Schedule 11 Local Public View Schedule PDF (422KB)
Schedule 12 Sites and Places of Significance to Mana Whenua Schedule PDF (79KB)
Schedule 13 Heritage Orders Schedule PDF (32KB)

Schedule 14.1 Schedule of Historic Heritage PDF (994KB)
Schedule 14.2 Historic Heritage Areas - Maps and statements of significance PDF (994KB)
Schedule 14.3 Historic Heritage Place maps PDF (1258KB)
Schedule 15 Special Character Schedule, Statements and Maps PDF (7801KB)
Schedule 16 Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Subdivision Scheduled Areas Sites PDF (121KB)

Appendix 1 Structure plan guidelines PDF (55KB)
Appendix 1A Urban Area 2016 PDF (1011KB)
Appendix 1B Waiheke Rural Urban Boundary PDF (416KB)
Appendix 2 River and stream minimum flow and availability PDF (37KB)
Appendix 3 Aquifer water availabilities and levels PDF (73KB)
Appendix 4 Surf breaks PDF (58KB)
Appendix 5 Wading bird areas PDF (35KB)
Appendix 6 Coastal protection yard PDF (636KB)
Appendix 7 Coastal marine area boundaries PDF (151KB)
Appendix 8 Biodiversity offsetting PDF (26KB)
Appendix 9 Business - City Centre Zone sight lines PDF (1861KB)
Appendix 10 Business - City Centre Zone building in relation to boundary PDF (406KB)
Appendix 11 Business - City Centre Zone sunlight admission into public places PDF (437KB)
Appendix 12 Airport approach surface PDF (280KB)
Appendix 13 Hazardous substances classification PDF (27KB)
Appendix 14 Land amalgamation incentivised area PDF (12683KB)
Appendix 15 Subdivision information and process PDF (53KB)
Appendix 16 Guideline for native revegetation plantings PDF (92KB)
Appendix 17 Documents incorporated by reference PDF (87KB)
Appendix 18 Qualifications required for the application of agrichemicals and vertebrate toxic agents PDF (22KB)
Appendix 19 Auckland Airport Future Aircraft Noise Contours (FANC) - Aircraft Noise Overlay PDF (10764KB)
Appendix 20 Volcanic Viewshafts and Height Sensitive Areas - Values Assessments
(Note: This is a large file and may take time to download depending on your connection speed)
PDF (47322KB)
Appendix 21 Treaty Settlement Legislation - statutory acknowledgements PDF (853KB)
Appendix 22 Consented existing high risk industrial or trade activities PDF (345KB)

N1 Glossary of Māori Terms PDF (81KB)