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Te Auaunga Awa stormwater channel

What is Te Auaunga Awa?

Te Auaunga Awa is a taonga (treasure) in Wesley, Mt Roskill.

It is Auckland's longest uninterrupted urban stream.

What Te Auaunga Awa stormwater channel will do

Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) currently has a concrete channel that we are replacing with a wider naturalised stream channel.

This project will help prevent ongoing flooding issues.

We are also replacing underground pipes and pedestrian bridges.

This project will help create a lasting legacy in the area by:

  • restoring native ecologies
  • landscaping, planting and improving water quality
  • adding walking trails and cycle paths
  • building an outdoor classroom, playground and Māori play elements.

Project timeframe and area access

Works start in 2017 and continue through to 2019.

Walmsley and Underwood Reserves will be closed for the duration of the project.

Beagle Avenue will also be closed during the construction of the new Beagle Avenue Bridge.

Richardson Rd Bridge will be constructed in two halves which will allow restricted two-way traffic at all times.

Noise and vibration will be kept within regulations.

Involving the community in the project

We provide opportunities for local individuals, whānau and community groups to get involved.

The project team meets regularly with mana whenua and key stakeholders to discuss how the project can promote community well-being and social outcomes.

Outcomes from these discussions include:

  • integrating traditional Māori play opportunities
  • integrating water quality outcomes
  • adding additional recreation and cycling options
  • adding a community fale
  • opportunities for mana whenua to integrate cultural narratives into the design
  • creating local employment opportunities, such as a local apprenticeship scheme for young people.