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Auckland Council

Birkenhead main street upgrade

What this project is about

We are upgrading the area around the intersection of Birkenhead Avenue, Mokoia Road and Hinemoa Street in the Birkenhead Town Centre.

The aim of the project is to create a new public space for the local community.

We will:

  • make the footpaths wider
  • install new street furniture
  • improve street lighting
  • plant additional vegetation.

We will keep a lot of the existing vegetation, including the Norfolk pine tree.

Artist's impression of the project

View from Birkenhead Avenue looking towards the northern corner of Mokoia Road


Artist's impression of the intended view from Birkenhead Avenue looking towards the northern corner of Mokoia Road


View of the southern corner of Mokoia Road


Project timeframe

The street upgrade will be done in stages, in order to minimise the impact on traffic.

The first stage will involve removing existing traffic islands and vegetation, and from there, we will move on to installing new kerbs and street furniture, building a deck below the Norfolk pine, and re-paving and replanting the area.

Work began in June 2018, and is expected to take six months. We estimate it will be completed by December 2018.

Access to the area

We are working closely with local businesses and residents to ensure that we keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

There will be some changes to traffic layout, and some lanes will be closed with detours in place for a short period to create a safe working zone. Where possible, this work will take place during off-peak traffic hours.

Pedestrian access will remain open at all times, and we will work hard to ensure there is as little disruption as possible for businesses.