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Auckland Council

Chelsea Heritage Estate stormwater renewal

What the project is about

We are renewing the stormwater network at the Chelsea Heritage Estate to prevent overflow and slope instability.

Works include:

  • installing new pipelines
  • diverting existing pipelines on Huka Road and Rawene Road
  • constructing a new outfall structure in Duck Creek.

Timeframe of the project

Works start early August 2017 and are due to complete by the end of 2018.

Construction hours

Construction hours within the reserve will be from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Some work outside these hours may be necessary, but we will notify affected residents in advance if this is required.

Access to the area

Work will also be carried out within Huka and Rawene Roads and construction traffic will increase the number of vehicles using Colonial Drive, so traffic management will be present.

Some areas of the Chelsea Heritage Park will be fenced off during construction - but where possible, park access and walkways will remain open.

Public access to the Chatswood Reserve Path near Pond 2 will be fenced off for approximately four months during open trench pipeline construction.

Access to private properties will not be affected.

Full reinstatement will be made to all areas affected when works have completed.