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Takanini stormwater improvement project

This project aims to reduce flooding in Takanini to allow more homes to be built.

About the Takanini stormwater improvement project

The aim of the project is to reduce flooding in flood-prone areas in Takanini and to enable more homes to be built.

The project has three different components:

  • Awakeri Wetlands project – currently under construction
  • Grove Road box culvert – completed in April 2018
  • Artillery Drive stormwater tunnel – completed in November 2017.

The Awakeri Wetlands project will channel stormwater from the area to the Grove Road box culvert. It is then allowed to flow into McLennan wetland for storage and treatment.

Once treatment is complete, the stormwater will be piped through the Artillery Drive tunnel and discharged into Pahurehure inlet.

The completed Grove Road box culvert and Artillery Drive tunnel cater for increased stormwater volumes during storm events.

Awakeri Wetlands project

We are building a new stormwater channel, approximately 2.1 km long, which will be formed as a natural stream and wetland surrounded by public recreation areas.

These recreation areas will include boardwalks and shared pedestrian/cycle paths.

The channel will be extensively planted with thousands of native plants to naturalise the stream banks and wetland areas.

[H4]Construction timeframe for the channel

Construction of the Awakeri Wetlands Stage 1A, between Grove Road, Walters Road, and Cosgrave Road, started in April 2018. We anticipate this will be complete by April 2020.

As part of Stage 1A, the Walters Road culvert began in January 2018 and was completed in August 2018.

Enabling works such as demolition of buildings and construction of an in-ground barrier was completed in January 2018.

The next stages of the channel, from Cosgrave Road to Old Wairoa Road, will begin in 2021 and continue to 2023.

Construction hours

Working hours on the site will be from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Some work outside these hours may be required. We will notify affected residents in these cases.

Please note that noise levels and the number of truck movements will be kept within all acceptable limits.