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Heritage Advisory Panel

Heritage is a high profile and important issue to Aucklanders and Auckland Council. The establishment of a Heritage Advisory Panel is one of a number of measures, including a Built Heritage Acquisition Fund, designed to strengthen our approach to heritage management.

The panel is comprised of community representatives and leading heritage professionals. This collaborative approach between heritage experts, communities, owners of heritage buildings and Auckland Council allows for a shared understanding of how our historic heritage should be identified, managed, protected, conserved, appreciated and celebrated.

The panel, which first met in October 2011, provides independent advice on a range of historic heritage matters, including how to raise the profile of heritage to both the council and the public, and bring a new and fresh perspective on heritage advice to the council.

Since its establishment the panel has been particularly focused on how historic heritage is recognised and valued in the Auckland Plan, and how it is to be managed in the Unitary Plan.

You can find out more information in the panel’s Terms of Reference.

Heritage Advisory Panel - Terms of Reference (80KB)

If you have any questions, please email the Heritage Advisory Panel.

Panel members

Councillor Mike Lee (Chairperson)
Sherry Reynolds (Deputy Chairperson)
Elizabeth Aitken-Rose
Graeme Burgess
John Burns
Leyton Chan
Helen Geary
Rau Hoskins
Sally Hughes
Allan Matson
Jane Matthews
Dr Ann McEwan
Claudia Page
Bill Rayner
David Veart
Lorraine Wilson

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