Council-controlled organisations

Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is a council-controlled organisation (CCO) of Auckland Council.

The establishment of Auckland Transport in 2010 marked the first time that all transport functions and operations for Auckland have come under one organisation.

Auckland Transport is responsible for:

  • the planning and funding of public transport
  • promoting alternative ways to get around the city
  • operating the local roading network.

See the Auckland Transport website if you want to know about:

  • parking fines and tickets
  • parking permits and mobility parking
  • vehicle crossings, roading, road works
  • public transport, bus lanes
  • street lights.

It is also responsible for preparing the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) which sets out projects and services to be funded by Auckland Council and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) over the next three years.

By working closely with Auckland Council, which sets the strategic direction for transport, Auckland Transport will also help implement the Auckland Plan and act consistently with the council's Long Term Plan.

Our objectives

Each year Auckland Council CCOs must complete Statements of Intent as required under the Local Government Act 2002.

Statements of Intent set out the objectives, nature and scope of activities undertaken and performance targets for each CCO.

This helps us achieve the objectives in our Long Term Plan and other strategic plans.

Statement of Intent 2015-2018 (PDF 574KB)
Statement of Intent 2013-2016 (PDF 1.4MB)
Statement of Intent 2012-2015 (PDF 2.1MB)
Statement of Intent 2011-2014 (PDF 321KB)
Statement of Intent 2010-2011 (PDF 332KB)

Executive and board

Chief Executive

Dr David Warburton

Executive Team

AT Metro
Mark Lambert - General Manager

Business Technology Division
Roger Jones - Chief Technology Officer

Communications Division
Wally Thomas - General Manager

City Rail Link
Chris Meale - Project Director

Finance Division
Richard Morris - Chief Financial Officer

Infrastructure Division
Greg Edmonds - Chief Infrastructure Officer

People, Safety and Contact Division
Simon Harvey - Chief People Officer

Strategy and Planning Division
Peter Clark - Chief Strategy Officer

Transport Services Division
Andrew Allen - General Manager

Special Projects
Claire Stewart

Board of Directors

Chair: Dr Lester Levy

Directors: Rabin Rabindran, Dr Ian Parton, Paul Lockey, Christine Fletcher, Mike Lee, Mark Gilbert, Geoff Dangerfield, Paula Rebstock 

See the Auckland Transport website for more information about its Board.

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