Council-controlled organisations

Council-controlled organisations (CCO) review

Auckland Council completed a review of the (then) seven CCOs in 2015.

The CCOs contribute in the delivery of critical services for Auckland. The review considered that while the current model was working well, there was room for improvement to:

  • clarify roles
  • remove duplication
  • streamline some areas of operation.

Council considered that it was a good time to check how things were working.

What the review covered

The review was an opportunity to investigate if there was a need to change any council or CCO:

  • activities
  • functions
  • structures
  • ways in which they operate.

The aim was to ensure Aucklanders are getting efficient, integrated services and value for money. The review also sought to provide confidence that the CCOs are accountable to ratepayers and elected representatives.

The structure of Auckland Transport is governed by its own legislation. This was beyond the scope of the review.

The review showed that Auckland Council Property Ltd and Waterfront Auckland should be amalgamated to form a new urban development agency. This change was consulted through the 2015-2025 long-term planning process. This resulted in the creation of (Panuku) Development Auckland Ltd.

Current state reports

We prepared two current state assessments during the review. They identified what was working well and where there were opportunities for improvement. One was from the perspective of council and the other from the CCOs:

Current state assessment - council perspective (PDF 202KB)
Current state assessment - CCO perspective PDF 252KB)

The issues identified in these reports reflect the issues and concerns raised by Aucklanders up until 2014. Local boards also provided community-based feedback during March and April 2014.

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